spider building web in a pittsburgh home

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If you think that you are seeing those creepy, crawly spiders in record numbers lately, you are not imagining it. Spiders are one of the many pests that enjoy the great outdoors as long as the weather is warm, but at the first sign of cooler weather, they scramble to find a winter rental – only they never remember to pay the rent! These fair weather arachnids will not think twice about being a stowaway in your home or business during the cold winter months. They look forward to hanging out in the corner of your walls, hiding away in the dark crevices in your basements, or hovering in the upper corners of your shower stall waiting for that exact moment when they can scurry across your line of vision and freak you out. I really think it is their lot in life to just hang around waiting to give you the heebie-jeebies.

House spiders, while not a known health risk to humans, can certainly cause an upheaval in your home. For some reason, these little nuisance spiders are some of the most unwanted pests around. They can even send some people running and screaming as if they were face to face with a cobra or some other deadly nemesis. The real issue with these little spiders, however, is that they create such a mess with their webs. They are not at all picky about where they choose to hang their home – any old corner will do; and if they don’t get their desired food source, they will just abandon that web and build another in a more convenient place - well, more convenient for them anyway.

Aside from using the vacuum to get rid of all those unsightly webs, egg sacks, adult spiders, and meal debris from around your house, there really isn’t much else you can do on your own. The problem with this method is that you can spend all morning with your vacuum cleaner thinking that you have eliminated the problem, only to find that as you sit down to entertain your dinner guests that evening, those webs are back – and in plain sight. How embarrassing.

Here at Witt Pest Management we use a variety of measures to rid your home or business of these pesky unwanted creatures including: surveillance, baiting, and exclusion methods. Our highly skilled, highly trained pest control management specialists are trained in the latest, safest treatments to ensure the removal of pests and the safety of your family and the environment. Our TopCare programs are affordable and effective ways to keep pests at bay year-round. Here at Witt, you have a choice of three different TopCare programs to meet your pest control needs and budget restrictions, contact us today to find the perfect program to meet your needs.


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