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Are you a Steelers fan? Are you as passionate as we are? Then you know that passion comes at a cost. When the Steelers are playing, you can't relax for a second, even if they're up by 21 points. That's why we have shirts that say, "I can't keep calm, I'm a Steelers fan!" But it doesn't matter. Win, lose, or tie, we're Steelers fans until we die. So, as we prepare to watch the Steelers match-up against the Patriots, let's take a quick look at what we can learn about fall pests from football because no one likes having bugs land on the Vizio in the middle of a game-tying pass.

  1. Keep it on the field! If you have aggression toward ants, flies, and other bugs, it is time to channel it. All that frustration won't do you any good on the bench. This can also help you with pest management. Remember, bugs have to get through your grass to get to your exterior walls. If you have routine treatments and guidance on natural pest-exclusion methods, you can keep those pests from getting on your exterior walls.

  2. How's your defensive line? If pests get to your walls, you want to make sure they can't find a hole. It is important to seal up all entry points and make sure your window and door screens are in good working order.

  3. The best defense is a good offense. We know this is a little backwards but in this case you do not want to wait for pests to get into your house because it costs a whole lot less to "keep them out" than it does to "get them out." There are many pests that can still find a way into your home even if you've painstakingly worked to seal every hole. Get a professional to treat your perimeter, exterior walls, and eaves to make those pests think twice about looking for a way in.

  4. Game time isn't complete without snacks. Ask yourself this question: "How many guys would come over and watch the game if you didn't have snacks?" Not many. And, the same can be said about bugs. If you don't give them something to snack on, they aren't going to like hanging out at your house. Keep your trash in a sealed can. Keep dirty dishes in a sink full of water, instead of next to the sink in a dry stack. Put pet food away between meal times. Keep counters clean and floors vacuumed. And, if you have any dishes left over after the game, don't leave them on the coffee table. Pests don't require much food.

Get your game face on! Get your defenses up! When it comes to battling bugs and rodents, every game should be a shutout. Let Witt Pest Management coach you to a victory over pests!

As for this week's game between the Steelers and the Patriots, we have one thing to say: Go Steelers!

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