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It’s late spring here in Pittsburgh, and we are just about to break out the sunscreen, grab a glass of lemonade, and hit the nearest pool or lake. After all, many of us have been cooped up in our homes during the colder weather. Summer seems like a warm, sunny dream. However, not all of the things brought with warm weather are beneficial. In fact, one of the not-so-beneficial things Pittsburgh residents must be on the lookout for are pests—especially dangerous pests such as ticks.

Why Ticks Are Such a Problem in Summer

Ticks can actually be a year-round pest, as they can withstand incredibly low temperatures during the winter and incredibly high ones during the summer. However, ticks do become much more active throughout late spring and summer, quickly reproducing and finding new hosts to feed on. Another factor that increases tick problems for Pittsburgh homeowners is the fact that more people and animals are spending extended periods of time out in the pleasant weather. Humans and pets are traveling back and forth between homes, hiking trails, forested areas, and back again, often unknowingly collecting a hitchhiking tick or two as they go. Once you or your pet becomes the host of a tick, you may be bringing a potential tick infestation to your property without being aware of it.

5 Steps To Avoid Ticks

You may be wondering what you can do to prevent ticks from entering your home or even reaching the edges of your property. Thankfully, you’re not the only one who has had to deal with ticks over the years, and a few exclusionary prevention tips have been found to be effective at reducing the number of ticks that enter homes and properties. To help avoid bringing ticks into your home, follow these five tick-prevention tips.

  • Avoid thickly forested areas. Ticks without a host like to sit on branches, leaves, and grass with their legs stretched out to grab a host. Anytime a warm-blooded creature (such as yourself or a pet) passes by, they will quickly grab on and begin climbing.

  • Keep your property well-maintained. This means trimming your grass, cutting back tree limbs, and getting rid of weeds.

  • If you have pets, consider getting flea & tick collars for them.

  • Check your clothing, skin, and pets for ticks before entering your home. If you find ticks that are attached to your skin, firmly grasp them with tweezers and pull them off gently.

  • While this is more common during fall and winter, rodents may still bring ticks onto your property when they invade in the summer. Seal cracks and gaps around your foundation, exterior walls, and roof eaves to ensure you keep rodents—and their parasitic tick counterparts—out of your home.

While these 5 tips will certainly help reduce the number of ticks entering your home, they will never be as effective as a pest control plan from Witt Pest Management. Our pest technicians provide comprehensive pest management plans for Pittsburgh homeowners. If keeping ticks and other pests away from your property this summer sounds like a stress-free summer, contact Witt Pest Management today!

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