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It just isn't Halloween without spiderwebs. Am I right? As you walk your kids from door to door you see them in windows, on archways, and hanging off mailboxes. Why is that? Is it because of the disturbingly creepy insect that makes those webs? After all, Halloween is all about creepy, and there is nothing creepier than the rise and fall of long, thin hairy spider legs. But is there more too it than just the creep factor? Continue on and find out. If you dare.

Halloween is about dressing up and getting candy, and usually our costume choices are benign, like superman, a witch, or a pirate. I once saw a guy dressed as a cell phone. That was interesting. But the truth is, death is the theme of Halloween, and bugs and death go hand in hand.

Death comes in many forms. You'll see zombies, mummies, and people stitched together like Frankenstein. If that isn't scary enough, some will move on to some variation on a skeleton. But of course, ghost or specter, is the final destination. That is when you have moved on from gorey, to spooky. Whether you are walking dead, or wraith-like crypt crawler, bugs are always a part of the theme.

Here are the top 5 creepiest Halloween bugs.

  1. Bats. Okay. Bats are pretty freaky. Their leathery wings are icky, and they flutter around in the darkness. There is a major creep factor going on there. But for some people, bats are cool, so they only get to #5 on our list. Though some think these flying rodents are cool, they still don't want them living in their attic or wall voids. This pest is destructive, and poses a health risk to families.

  2. Spiders. Spiders are gross, and when you have a thousand threatening to crawl all over you, there is no doubt psychological torment will follow. That is why this pest makes it into the #4 slot. Spiders are most likely where the word creepy got its start, and almost no one likes having them creeping on them, especially while they're sleeping. That is why it is best to have this pest outside of your home this Halloween.

  3. Cockroaches. You can't have a mummy without cockroaches. They are right at home in the deserted husk of a human being. One sight of a cockroach scrambling unnaturally up a wall, is enough to put this pest at #3. This is a nasty creature that slides around in sewers and dumpster, and then brings that rot into your silverware drawer.

  4. Flies. Flies get the #2 slot, because they start out as maggots, and maggots lift the yuck factor up ten notches on a zombie costume. Fly babies are nasty. If you have a few flies zipping around your home, there is a good chance you had maggots in one of your trash cans. They may give you that Halloween scare you're looking for, but they are definitely unwelcome in any home.

  5. Centipedes. Everyone can agree that a centipede, and an eye socket, equals disgusting. That puts this pest at #1. Centipedes, like all bugs, are drawn to filth and bacteria. When they enter your home, they bring that filth with them.

As you are assaulted by the imagery of death and bugs this Halloween, take comfort in the fact that you can go back to your nice warm home, and leave those dark crawly thing outside, in the dark hollows of the night, where they belong.

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