Termite Workers Can Cause Significant Wood Damage

Protect your home against the threat of termites with these termite prevention tips from Witt.

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Did you know that termites cause several billions of dollars in property damage every year?  Not only are they capable of collapsing structures, they do so with no one the wiser.  As the NPMA notes, termites are known as “silent destroyers”   as they will steadily chew through wood, starting from the inside.  What this means is that, thanks to these destructive insects, you could be looking at a board that appears completely intact from the outside, but is riddled with termite damage on the inside.

So how do you prevent termite damage from occurring in your home?  Good question, especially as spring sees an increase in termite activity and termite swarmers in Pennsylvania.  Here are a few ways you can make your home and property less appealing:

  • Eliminate wood contact with soil.  A good rule of thumb is to maintain at least a one-inch gap between soil and wood portions of your home.

  • Avoid stacking, storing or burying wood debris near your home.  This includes firewood, mulch, lumber and sawdust.

  • Remove rotten or infested trees and stumps from your property.

  • Make sure downspouts, gutters and splash block are properly installed and divert water away from your home.

  • Reduce humidity in crawl spaces and attics.

Hopefully these tips will help you prevent a termite problem and thereby avoid termite damage to your structure this spring.  However, if you are concerned about a possible termite infestation, contact the Pittsburgh termite and pest control professionals at Witt.  As an authorized installer of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination system in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, Witt will eliminate termites on your property.

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