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Are you planning to purchase a new building or open a new office? Is pest control part of your plan? We're not talking about the pest management practices you'll set up after you have settled in. We're talking about proactive pest control that will keep you from buying into a money pit. If you're looking at a new building, now is the time to be thinking about a professional pest inspection. After you sign on the dotted line, if problems are found, those problems become your problems. Here are a few ways a pest inspection can protect your bottom line.

The most obvious benefit of a pest inspection is detecting bugs and wildlife that pose a threat to a structure. On the top of this list are termites. These insects can silently attack a structure for years without the owner being aware of them. When you consider purchasing a new building, you need to know for sure that no termites are living in the wood. If you don't, you could be holding the bill for expensive termite damage, or worse, find out that your new purchase is unfixable.

Another pest your inspector will pay attention to is rats and mice. Rodents are known to chew on wiring inside the walls of a structure. If these creatures are found, it can prompt a closer inspection of electrical boxes and internal wiring.

An inspector will also be looking to determine pest pressures inside and outside of the structure. The number and variety of pests inside can reveal the soundness of exterior walls. Outside pest evidence can give insight into the surrounding neighborhood. Determining quantity, variety, and density of populations help to give a broader scope of potential pest control costs.

What does reactive pest control do for you?

  • When you wait to react to pests, you could end up paying for someone else's mistakes. A pest inspection will let you know if the previous owners took the proper measures to seal bugs and wildlife out.

  • When you wait till pests are a problem, it will cost you more. It is a lot easier to keep pests out of a business than it is to exterminate pests that are already inside.

  • When you react to pests, they can be much more disruptive to your business.

Be proactive. Know what you're getting into, and consider what your new building will need for pest control before you buy. If you're purchasing a building in Pennsylvania, give us a call. Witt Pest Management is the oldest and most advanced pest control company in Pittsburgh. Our QualityPro certified team is looking forward to assisting you.

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