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Does that heading sound like a tongue twister? You definitely can't say it ten times fast. It is even more difficult to say it backward. But, backward is how we often deal with our pest control issues here in Pittsburgh. Our first instinct is to run to the internet and type, "Pest Control Pittsburgh." But, that isn't the first thing you should do. It is actually the last thing you should do. Here are 3 reasons why it is backward to run to the internet first.

  • Facts matter. While the internet may give you a ton of suggestions on how you can get rid of common pests like cockroaches, you don't have any way of knowing if the information they are giving you is accurate or not. Sure, that DIY cockroach trap may look clever, but will it really solve your cockroach problem? That internet DIY article will probably also leave out the fact that, if you don't resolve that cockroach problem, you could be dealing with mysterious sickness in your home. Facts matter. Before you run to someone whose credentials are unknown, go to the professionals who you know are educated in modern pest control practices.

  • If it sounds simple, it probably isn't. When it comes to fighting pests, there are rarely any simple answers. If you've found an article that has the word "easy" in the title, you should keep browsing. But, the inclination is to stay and give it a shot. Why? Because it is exciting to finally find a problem in life that might have an easy answer. If you go to an educated professional first, you can learn important things that can save you from continued trauma, such as the fact that bed bugs can go without eating for a year, and that this ability will have them hiding in your home while you think the problem is gone. These blood-eating pests are not easy to get out.

  • Pest control can be dangerous. When you run to the internet first, you may be led to believe that you can buy and apply chemicals inside your home in a way that is safe for you, your kids, and your pets. But the truth is, chemicals can be toxic and/or flammable. It pays to go to a professional first. Pest control companies have stringent rules and regulations they must follow to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

When you need pests eradicated and sealed out, professional pest control controls Pittsburgh's pests best. It isn't just a tongue twister. It's true. The best way to get pests out of your Pittsburgh home is to trust someone who is educated in the safe and effective removal of bugs and wildlife. Run to Witt Pest Management first, and get real answers to your pest issues, every time.


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