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Running a business that works with food can be tricky business. Any time biomaterial is handled or transported, issues of contamination can arise. That is why it is important to have a food safety and sanitation specialist in your corner. At Witt, we provide a complete solution for businesses which meets the highest standards in our industry.

Food safety and sanitation requires a thorough understanding of pest pressures that can threaten stored food, displayed food, and food prep surfaces, as well as proper hygiene methods and products. Here are the five primary ways we work to protect the businesses we serve:

Evaluations: Watch-Gard sanitation specialists are dispatched to do a thorough inspection of all food safety and sanitation conditions on site and fully document all factors that relate to proper hygiene and worker safety. This information is later uploaded to the internet and is made available to designated corporate personnel through a password-protected website.

Equipment Care: During evaluations, Watch-Gard specialists also make sure that all sanitation dispensers are in good working order, verify proper product dilution rations, make necessary repairs, and keep track of all maintenance activities performed.

Training: Since we can't be on site twenty-four hours a day, we partner with your staff to make sanitation a routine part of their daily work activities by providing detailed training on vital safety and regulatory issues, as well as products and procedures necessary to keep a consistent sanitary environment.

Detail Cleaning: When you need an area restored to a "like new" state, it becomes necessary to go beyond normal cleaning methods. For this, we offer our Detail Cleaning service. This service is designed as a reset switch for commercial kitchens, grocery departments, restaurant carpets, restrooms, and general floor care.

Pest Control: Food safety and sanitation is not complete without pest control. At Witt, we've been protecting businesses from invasive pests since 1908. There is nothing we haven't seen and no commercial pest we don't have a solution for. When rodents try to chew their way in, flies try to zip in through your windows, roaches try to squeeze under doors, or pantry pests try to ride their way in, you can know that your business will be safe.

When you need a complete solution for food safety and sanitation you can trust Watch-Gard from Witt Pest Management. With ongoing evaluations, maintenance, training, and pest control, you can know for sure that your business will meet all regulatory guidelines, and your brand will be safe from unneeded contamination, give us a call today for more information.


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