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Plan on doing some winter baking to take away the doldrums of January? Then it’s time to sort through your cupboards and make sure it is free from food destroying pantry pests. If you have bags of flour, packages of cake mix, granola or other dry food stuffs that have gone unused for awhile, it would be wise to check and make sure these items are still in date and free from food destroying pests. Here are some helpful tips to protect your food from pantry pests from the PA pest control professionals at Witt Pest Management.

  • Only buy products that are free from rips and tears; if you notice flour or other products coming out of the packaging, choose a different package.

  • Buy smaller amounts of products, rather than items in bulk, especially if you don’t plan to use it all within a short period of time. The longer the product sits in your pantry, the more chance it may attract food destroying pests.

  • Check product before you use it. To look for pantry pests, you can sieve the product before using it, or closely examine it for Indian meal moths, saw-tooth grain beetles or merchant grain beetles.

  • Store products in heavy plastic or glass containers with airtight lids. This will protect foods from hungry pantry pests.

  • Practice good sanitation in areas where dry food goods are stored. Keep the area clear of crumbs and spills by cleaning with soap and water; this can help keep from attracting pests.

Following these tips can help you prevent food destroying pests from invading your cupboards, helping provide food safety within your home. If you find that you are having problems with food destroying pests, contact the professionals at Witt Pest Management. We will help develop a situation specific solution to eliminate the pantry pests that are bothering you and provide food safety and sanitation tips to prevent the problems from recurring.

If you are suffering from pantry pest problems, rodents, insects, bed bugs or termites, contact the professionals at Witt. We offer pest control solutions, pest prevention tips and services that will exceed your expectations. For pest control you can trust, look no further than Witt Pest Management, Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest control company.

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