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Protect yourself and family members from bed bugs in Greater Pittsburgh with help from Witt!

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Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. One pregnant female bed bug that hitches a ride on your luggage could mean a major infestation in your home in no time. Here are some helpful tips from the Pittsburgh bed bug control pros to help you minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs home with you:

Pack light! The more clutter or content level inside a hotel drawer or closet makes it easier for bed bugs to hide and insulate themselves from being discovered. So when you pack, consider bringing the bare essentials. Also, consider packing your toiletry items and even clothing in tightly sealed plastic bags that are easy to see through.

Take a flashlight with you. You should pack a small flashlight or get a free "flashlight app" for your smart phone. Before you even consider unpacking and unwinding, you should perform a thorough inspection of your hotel room.
Inspect the guest bed and surrounding areas. Using your flashlight check the crevices of the headboard and corners of the mattress and box spring for any evidence of bed bugs (blood stains, cast skins, fecal matter, live bed bugs. Some headboards come off the wall and the back side can be examined, just be careful not to hurt yourself. If you have a portable hair dryer or if the one in hotel room can be used, you can blow hot air along the baseboards and furniture crevices such as nightstand drawers and see if you can stir up any activity.

Ask the front desk. When you check in to the hotel, it's perfectly okay to ask their desk staff whether the hotel has had bed bugs in the past year and even if they were in the room you're checking into.

Use monitors. You can use ClimbUp® Interceptors on the legs of each bed which serve as pitfall traps preventing bed bugs from "climbing up" the bed legs.

When you return home. Leave your suitcase outside or in garage. Inspect your luggage and contents with a flashlight looking for any signs. Take your belongings directly to your laundry room and run your clothing through high heat cycles.

Canine Detection. Consider using our K9 Detection service which is an inexpensive way to confirm that your home and belongings are beg bug free.

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