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Box elder bugs are often confused with stink bugs but, unlike their smelly counterparts, are relatively harmless. They can become a bit of a nuisance in the fall as they seek a warm place to overwinter, so you will want to take some preventative steps to keep them out of your home. If you can’t get a handle on them or just want to prevent dealing with them in the first place, calling a professional pest control expert is the right thing to do.

Why Box Elder Bugs are Common in Fall

These black and reddish-orange bugs typically live and feed on the box elder tree, as their name suggests. Most of the time you don’t even notice them as they go about their business. However, as the cool days of fall set in, box elder bugs begin to look for a place to stay warm. You will often see them congregating on the areas of your house that get sun.

The Nuisance Factor of Box Elder Bugs

As far as pests go, box elder bugs don’t do much harm. However, a large infestation can damage your landscaping, although this problem is quite rare. The issue is when they begin to congregate on the sunny side of your house and then work their way inside through cracks and openings in your home. Once inside, they can leave staining with their feces and are just a general nuisance. After all, who wants any kind of bug inside their home?

Prevention Steps for Residents

  • Even though box elder bugs are mostly a nuisance, there are a few things you can do to keep them out of your home:
  • Remove box elder trees from areas close to your home. This is one of the best ways to keep box elder bugs out.
  • Seal and caulk all possible openings around your home. Pay special attention to areas around windows, torn screens, or places where utility wires our outlets leave openings as they enter your home.
  • Be sure to cap your chimney.
  • Place grates or screens on vents, and install sweeps on all doors.

Professional Pest Control

Any pests in your home, even something seemingly as innocuous as a box elder bug, can signal a greater problem. If they can get inside, more dangerous and destructive pests can gain entry, too.

Securing a year-round pest control plan from Witt Pest Management can keep your home pest free. We are happy to work with you to inspect your home and recommend a plan that will keep your Pittsburgh-area home box elder bug free!

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