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Fall in Pittsburgh means headaches for homeowners. It happens every year. The temperature cools, and pests start trying to get into houses--especially rodents and spiders. This can create some sleepless nights for homeowners.

The rodent problem. Mice and rats love living off the byproducts of human habitation. They love the half eaten bananas. They love the dry frosting. And they love the pool of five day old corn beef hash. Their GI tract is quite robust, and makes them well equipped to scrounge around in bacteria laden dumpsters. Rodents also love the shelter humans live in, particularly the attic spaces. But they aren't content to stay in the attic and chew on your wires and insulation, they crawl down through your wall voids, and gnaw their way into your pantry, food cupboards, and silverware drawers. Even one rodent living in a house can create unexplainable health problems for an entire family. This is not a pest you can cohabitate with.

The spider problem. When the cold comes, spiders have two options: burrow into the ground and hope their antifreeze can keep the cold of winter from killing them, or crawl into the warm cracks of your home. Guess what they choose? That's right. They find their way into attic spaces, basements, and the corners above your shower. Then, while you're peacefully sleeping in bed, they crawl around on you. A twitch or a shift, and you wake up with an itchy red welt, or worse. The bite of a black widow is painful, and will send you to the hospital, and a brown recluse bite has necrotic properties that cause flesh to rot. Waking up with one of these on your cheek is not okay. If you have the stomach for it, do a search for "recluse bite", and see what comes up. Spiders belong in the wild, not in your home.

There are a host of bugs and mammals that want to live in your house when the chill of winter creeps in, but it is easy enough to keep them out. Here are a few exclusion methods you can implement to keep your home rodent and spider free.

  • Keep your window and door screens in good working order.

  • Check or install weather stripping and window sweeps.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes and cracks on your foundation wall, or exterior walls.

  • Put wire mesh in downspouts, to prevent rodents from climbing up.

  • Cut trees back from the roofline, to keep rodents and bugs from gaining access to your roof.

  • Keep woodpiles and construction materials away from the house.

  • Install TAP insulation to kill insects and rodents that make it into your attic or wall voids.

  • Sign up for year round inspections and treatments. Pest professionals are not "just" exterminators. They are pest doctors. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to keep insects off your exterior walls, and out of your home.

You don't have to be one of those uneasy homeowners, wondering what terrible critters have gotten into your home. Rest easy knowing your home is safe from these and other invasive fall pests.

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