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How many years have you been with Witt Pest Management? Have you been a customer long enough to know that Witt's treatments give you the best bang for your buck, and that Witt service is the best in the business? Have you grown accustomed to pest problems being handled quickly and effectively? Are you used to being pampered by a pest professional with over a hundred years of experience? Before you consider canceling your service when you are selling your home, call us and we will provide a free pest check up and report. In many cases, your home will be inspected for wood-destroying insects by prospective buyers, and it's important to have your Witt pest protection intact.

But, I'm leaving my home.

Where are you moving to? Will you still be in Witt's coverage area? If you're moving to another home in or around Pittsburgh, you can take your pest service with you. Just let us know you're moving and we'll do the rest.

It is hard to return to a life without the safety and convenience routine pest control brings. Whether you guard your home from standard household pests that spread illness and drive you crazy, or you've gone the extra mile and added termite protection, you're going to notice when that coverage is gone.

So, what do I have to do on my end?

All you have to do is let us know where we need to shift your services to, and we'll get a technician over there to get the lay of the land. And, if you let us know the name and contact information of the person who purchased your home, we'll help them get on track with industry-leading pest control and give you $25 in your pocket. Yup, $25 dollars is yours just for helping us connect. We can also do a final pest visit for you and get things in ship shape for the next owners. It always pays to go the extra mile.

Give us a call at (412) 924-8324. Switching is as effortless as the superior pest services you've had for years.

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