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Pittsburgh is full of pests, some worse than others. Some of the worst pests are the ones you don’t notice until it’s too late, like termites. Spotting a termite often means that many more are right behind it, chewing through your house. Due to their silence and small size, they can often go undetected for long periods of time, increasing the risk of a problem.

Then there are mice. A pest we are all familiar with, the mouse is quick, but not undetectable. Not only will you oftentimes hear mice running around in your walls and ceilings, you will come across signs that they are there as well. If you do, by all means, do not ignore them! Here are some signs to look for if you suspect a mouse problem.

  • Gnaw marks - Mice have a need to constantly chew in order to keep their teeth short, as their teeth never stop growing. You can find gnaw marks on just about anything! Common items include anything made of wood and plastics. Even torn up clothing can be found.

  • Nests - Mice often enter our homes because they are looking for somewhere more pleasant to spend their days. Your home makes for a nice accommodation due to its food and water sources as well as peace and quiet within the nooks and crannies of your home. Mice, once settled, will build a nest to breed and raise more mice in the midst of this security, therefore increasing the risk to your home substantially.

  • Waste products - Mice, like any other pest, will leave waste as they go. You can often find mouse droppings near food sources and nesting areas. Waste products are not only disgusting, they also can carry a long list of diseases. As the waste comes in contact with living areas, food, and ultimately, you… they can pass these diseases along.

Preventing mice can drastically help in minimizing the infestation, and doing so starts outside of your home. Use these prevention tips to help keep mice out of your home.

  • Store woodpiles away from homes

  • Keep yards free of clutter and debris

  • Seal up cracks and holes in foundations and exterior walls

  • Close up holes around windows and doors, making sure to keep them closed if not being used

  • Remove water sources such as leaky pipes, standing water sources, and cracks in foundations

  • Clean up spills and messes quickly and thoroughly

  • Store food in tight containers

  • Take out trash often and keep trash in a can with a tight-fitting lid if being stored outdoors

At Witt Pest Management, we understand that every problem is unique. That’s why we offer three different TopCare options depending on what’s best for you. All three options include year-round coverage! Rest assured, once pests are gone, we will work just as hard to keep them away. Also included in our TopCare plans are other benefits, like our Witt Pest Free Guarantee, which provides you with priority service in between scheduled visits should pests pop up, at no additional charge! Furthermore, with our TopCare control plans, we will take care of other pests too, including all household insects! So if you have questions about getting rid of mice, reach out and we can help! Is your problem already out of hand? No problem, ask us about our same day service! Don’t ignore the signs of mice, call Witt Pest Management today!

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