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While so many of us are enjoying nature’s greatest show in the fall, folks with strong arachnid aversion are constantly on the lookout for one of the other natural wonders, spiders. What is it about spiders and the fall? It seems like they are everywhere. Other insects seem to be gone, but there they are - these eight-legged creepy crawlies, building their webs, and scaring the wits out of unsuspecting people who walk right into them.

If you are one of those people who are always on the lookout and you are positive that you see more as the weather starts to cool off in autumn, you are absolutely right. Why? The answer is very simple, if you are spider. It all has to do with time. For most spiders there is a time limit until their inevitable expiration date. When they hatch in spring, spiders spend their time out of sight of predators. They stay in hiding until late summer or early fall when they get big enough to venture out into the world where they can spin their webs and find a mate. The female will then lay her egg sac in a safe place to wait for spring when the cycle begins again. With the first heavy frost, spiders that are outdoors will likely die off.

However, some of these will find their way into your home, shed, or garage. It can be quite a shock to run into one of their webs in a murky basement, and the last thing you probably want is an egg sac hatching there. You can do your part to try to discourage spiders from finding their way in. First, check all of your windows and doors for torn or missing screens. You will want to replace or repair what you can. Any gaps around windows should be sealed with caulking and weather stripping should be intact around your doors. If you can see daylight through the cracks, spiders and other pests have a way in. Check around your pipes to make sure that any gaps there are sealed as well. Debris or woodpiles should never be kept near your home. These are perfect spots for spiders to hide, and possibly an easy way for them to be carried into your home. The same goes for any boxes that you store in your garage or shed. These are wonderful spots to hitch a ride indoors. Check any boxes or bags that you have stored thoroughly before you bring them in and you may be able to prevent any possible hitchhikers.

If you have seen a number of spiders in or around your home, don’t worry! Witt Pest Management can be there to make sure that a few spiders didn’t leave any egg sacs behind to become a real problem when spring arrives. Call us today to set up an inspection and let our professionals put your mind at ease.

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