spider found in a pittsburgh attic

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Halloween has passed for 2015 and you are now turning your attention to Thanksgiving. The search begins for the gravy boat, cutting board, and turkey carver you stored away last fall, and you begin unpacking everything turkey from your decoration tote. You find the tote containing your drapes, tablecloths, and place mats that display the deeper hues of brown, orange, and burgundy and brush the dust and cobwebs from the cover……Cobwebs!

Oh, that reminds you to pick up the scarecrows, put away the jack-o-lanterns, and pack away the scary witch on her broomstick. You spend the rest of the morning pulling down toilet tissue and string from your front porch and the trees in your front yard. As you tuck away those huge, creepy felt spiders that hung in front of the door, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all things Halloween have now been properly stored and turn your attention back to the task at hand - Thanksgiving.

You trudge back to the basement to find that missing box of decorations that you plan on making your centerpieces from this year and spy it in the back corner on the top shelf. You carefully climb to the top tread of the step ladder and pull the box down. Once again you find yourself brushing away dust and cobwebs, and then it hits you. Those cobwebs are not old Halloween decorations! They are REAL! For the first time in months you step back and take a good look at your basement and realize that there are spiders and cobwebs everywhere!

Scenes such as this one, or ones very similar, play out all across Pittsburgh in November. All those spiders and cobwebs are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the fall. Once the leaves begin to change and a chill begins to bite in the air, spiders begin to scramble and search for a place to hide out for the winter. Their favorite winter getaway is your warm, dark, quiet basement or attic; (of course, your shower stall will due in a pinch.) I mean think about it. They can hang around practically unnoticed and untouched for months eating away to their hearts content. If only they could figure out how to get rid of holidays, they may never be found out!

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