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What are you doing for spring break? Does it involve standing on a beach with five thousand other people in the latest swimming attire? Then, be sure to bring plenty of sunblock. Nothing can ruin your spring break experience like a nasty sunburn. You know what else can ruin your vacation getaway? Bed bugs. Imagine waking up with forty red welts all over you face, neck, and back. How is that going to go over when you meet that special someone in unforgiving brightness of the southern sun? Here is what you need to know to protect yourself.

Why are bed bugs bad at spring break?

Bed bugs are worse where travelers frequently pass through, because bed bugs are also travelers. They crawl inside luggage, bags, bedding, clothes, and even laptop computers then hitchhike their way to a new location. This is how they spread, and spreading is key to their survival as a species.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Most bed bugs will live near a bed or a couch, but these bugs can feed almost undetected on a fully awake human. This is why they can become a problem in movie theaters, taxi cabs, buses, and even airplanes.

What should I look for?

When you're traveling, know the signs of bed bug infestation. Obviously, if you see a little brown bug, take a close look and see if it looks like a bed bug. There is a picture of one on this page.

Bed bugs grow their populations inside beds and upholstered items. Whether they are living in your hotel bed or taxi cab seat, the visual clue will be the same. Look for black sticky residue on seams, corners, and edges. Bed bugs leave their excrement in cloth fibers.

Bed bugs can live in any climate.

Since this is a bug that lives exclusively inside, it has no problem traveling from a tropical location to a cold or wintery one. Be sure to do a full inspection of your bags when you get home, especially the seams. Look for bed bugs or the tiny white eggs they leave. Bed bug eggs do not require the mother to hatch. If you have eggs, you'll soon have bed bugs.

Be sure to wash all your clothing on the hottest temperature, and dry them on the hottest temperature. This will kill all stages of bed bug.

If you are reading this article after spring break and you did not watch for bed bugs on your travels, now is the time to check all your beds. It would also be a good idea to call a pest management company to do an inspection. It is less expensive, less inconvenient, and less embarrassing to catch bed bugs before they grow their populations.

It is never fun to get bed bugs. Use these tips to stay safe, and enjoy your spring break.

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