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Spring Cleaning! That ageless ritual that ensures you will touch every item you own at least once a year! It is that time of year when our to-do lists quadruple overnight and continues to expand at an unprecedented rate. Ok, ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. However, you can’t deny that spring is the time of year that we focus on cleaning up and clearing out, but did you realize that there is actually a bigger point to spring cleaning than just hauling out that old trunk of junk and sorting through it?

When you think about it, spring is the perfect time to clean house. Your home has been shut up for months with every crack stuffed with something to ensure that winter wind doesn’t blow through. The air in your home has become stale, and it seems as if those little dust bunnies can actually reproduce! Now that the weather is warmer, you can pull off those storm windows, wash away a winter’s worth or dirt and grime, and let the breezes blow fresh air inside. It is truly refreshing after those long months of ice, wind, and cold. But did you know that spring cleaning accomplishes much more than that?

When you take the time to clean out clutter, it leaves a less than inviting atmosphere for pests. Reducing clutter means fewer hiding places for pests. Also, repairing wet or rotting wood around your foundation, windows, and doors will leave fewer opportunities for termites to feel welcome. When you rotate your supply of pantry products, you can reduce the threat of pantry pests invading. Sealing cracks and holes in your foundation leaves fewer ways for rodents to gain access to your walls and basements. And, all that soaping and scrubbing eliminates the pathogens that pests have tracked throughout your home during their winter stay. (There really is a good explanation for why we always seem to have more ‘bugs’(sicknesses) during winter – because we have more ‘bugs’ (insects) contaminating our homes and spreading disease!) All in all, spring cleaning chores do have an ulterior motive – reducing pests in your home and keeping you and your family healthier.

So, as you pull out that list for the umpteenth time, take a big breath and turn it into a sigh of relief knowing that all this work is really accomplishing way more than just a tidy house. Also, you may want to consider giving Witt Pest Management a call to see how we can help you reduce your to-do list, and perhaps even keep you a bit healthier next winter with one of our affordable year-round pest control plans. Reducing pests in your home certainly will go a long way in reducing the time you have to spend cleaning, repairing, and recovering from pest-borne illness.

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