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There are many exciting rituals and traditions that people take part in during the spring. One of them, although this one is not very exciting, is cleaning. Over the winter, allergen-creating dust and other elements build up. It’s wise to wipe it all away before period temperatures, pollen and flair come into full effect. Another important reason to get tidy is pest control. There are many seasonal insects and creatures that can make allergies worse, as well as make other health issues arise. Find out the best ways to spruce up your Pittsburgh space, what critters to look out for, and how Witt Pest Management can help.

Common Spring Pests

Springtime is ideal for pests that thrive in warmer weather, moisture, and greenery. These include:

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Bees and Wasps

There are many species of rodents. Most prefer dark and low-traffic areas, like basements. They will chew on just about anything to trim their ever-growing teeth. That said, they can ruin wood furniture and parts of the home. Wiring is something they’ll gnaw on too, which can lead to an electrical fire. Since they roam around in filth, carry bacteria, and have fur parasites, they can easily spread disease to humans. An infestation can happen in a flash because they breed rapidly.

Like rodents, cockroaches can quickly reproduce and transmit diseases. They contaminate food and surfaces with their waste and the bacteria they harbor. Spiders gravitate to the same kinds of places as rodents. The dusty and damp also appeals to them. In addition to basements, you’ll likely catch roaches around crawlspaces and vents. If you spot a spider, you probably have other insects on your property. Bugs are a central part of their diet. Should they bite you, it could mean pain, an allergic reaction, exposure to venom, or other critical health conditions.

Ants often take up residency in kitchens because of the fast access to food and water. Baking ingredients, and overripe or spilled food attracts them. Some ant types also chew wood. Similar to roaches, they pollute food with their germs. As with spiders, ant bites can bring on an allergic reaction.

The sting of a bee or wasp can do the same, while being even more painful and toxic. This trait is one of the few things various bee and wasp classes have alike. Some flock to plants, flowers, and bushes, but others swarm around wood. The damage carpenter bees leave can be dangerous.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Pests

Every room of your property needs specific tender love and care:

  • Kitchen: Throw away old food. Wash surfaces, floors, and inside cabinets. Clean dishes, vacuum, and remove trash regularly. Sweep in corners and closets, and behind appliances. 

  • Bathroom: Keep medicine cabinets and shower curtains neat. Fix any water leaks. 

  • Basement: Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes. Keep clutter down.

  • Indoors: Insect entry points are holes and gaps in walls, window screens, and door frames. Seal these. 

  • Outdoors: Make sure gutters and air units are clear and greenery is groomed and distanced from your property. Dispose of rotting wood and dead plants.

Help From Witt Pest Management

In business since 1908, Witt Pest Management is the oldest extermination company in Pittsburgh. We’re proud to say we’re the most advanced as well. Our surveillance, baiting, and exclusion products are top-of-the-line and are sure to keep insects and creatures from coming back. All of our technicians are state licensed and undergo background checks. Moreover, we participate in the QualityPro Certified Pest Control Professionals program. This ensures our employees are skilled and reliable. We offer same-day service, preventive treatments, and a number of money-saving deals for your residential or commercial property needs. Go ahead and give us a call today!

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