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Stink bugs are well known for their strong, unpleasant odor that their scent glands release. If you’ve ever been around a squashed stink bug, you know just what that smell is like. Sometimes they usually only produce this odor when disturbed. Some people say stink bugs smell like skunk, while others describe the smell as a burnt tire smell. Either way, the foul-smelling odor is surely not something you want around!
To identify these bugs, look for their shield-shaped bodies. They are about 5/8 of an inch long with six legs and two antennae. Their color can vary widely. They usually contain some brown, but they can also have red, green, or other colorings. Stink bugs also have the ability to fly. They are more active in the Spring and Fall, so as the weather cools we’ll be seeing more of these bugs out and about and entering into homes. Now is the perfect time to prepare for and prevent infestations.
Stink bugs are not dangerous to humans, but they can be quite a nuisance and they can harm crops. They can do devastating damage to agriculture. Their population is increasing year after year, which means we can expect lots of invasions this fall as they search for a place to stay for the winter. Stink bugs are great at remaining unseen and they can come in high numbers as they invade. In other words, if you see one stink bug in your home, there will likely to be many more. They can be found crawling anywhere in your home; on trim, cupboards, windows, light fixtures, etc.
Prevention is the best way to control stink bug invasions. Before fall arrives, it’s important to have some preventative measures in place. Seal any holes or cracks these bugs can use as entrances. Make sure to check around doors, windows, siding, chimneys, etc. Install screens and vents on any openings into your home, as well as replacing any damaged ones. These bugs are fairly small, so they don’t need a big space in order to sneak their way in. Installing door sweeps may be a necessary step if you have any cracks or spaces under your doors.
Witt Pest Management can help protect your home from stink bugs this autumn. Our technicians are experienced and trained with the best preventative approaches. They will inspect both the interior and the exterior of your home to assess all potential entryways and seal these opening with caulk or other suitable material. Our experts will also remove live and dead stink bugs from your home and provide spot treatments in areas high in stink bug activity. Contact Witt Pest Control today to learn more!

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