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There are many different species of pests that you might encounter in your Pittsburgh home at one point or another. These pests can range from being mostly a nuisance to being dangerous and everything in between. While some pests aren't likely to cause you any health concerns or do much damage to your property, they can still be annoying and disturbing to have around. 
The stink bug is a pest that many people think of with disgust. The name itself brings to mind a really gross bug, and their appearance doesn’t help matters either. While these pests aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be frustrating to deal with. While some people know what this distinctive bug looks like, others do not. Either way, it’s useful to have a refresher so you can recognize a stink bug if it’s in or around your property.

Stink bugs:

  • Have mottled brown or grey colors.

  • Have six legs.

  • Have bodies that are a shield shape.

  • Have long antennae.

Are Stink Bugs Actually Harmless?

Stink bugs are pests that don’t pose any real health risks to humans or cause structural damage to properties. While this is definitely a relief, they are still not fun to deal with. Stink bugs are an invasive species which means they can pose some risks to agriculture, and they may damage ornamental plants or gardens. However, this damage is usually not extreme.

The main reason why Pittsburgh residents want to get rid of stink bugs is because of their appearance and their smell. The name of this insect brings up fears of really gross smells, but there is some debate about how stinky they actually are. Stink bugs emit an odor (when they are threatened) from a gland on their abdomen. Some species also shoot out a spray. Some people describe the smell as herb-like and compare it to coriander. While this might not be a gross smell, it’s not pleasant to all people. Plus, the smell can linger, making it disturbing to have around.

Stink Bug Prevention Tips

Some people are more sensitive to the smell that stink bugs emit than others, but overall they are still a very unpleasant pest. The smell can be bothersome even if it’s not particularly foul, and these bugs aren’t pleasant to look at either. Thankfully, there ere are a few things you can do to help prevent stink bugs from getting into your home or business and becoming a problem.

Here are some prevention tips:

  1. As with many bugs, these bugs often get inside through small cracks. So, sealing up cracks and holes around windows, doors, walls, and more can keep many bugs out.
  2. Seal up spaces around fans, electrical outlets, and light switches.
  3. Replace any screens that have holes or have been damaged.
  4. Vacuum often.

Getting Rid of Infestations

Even though prevention steps can help, there is no guarantee that you can keep stink bugs or any pests out all of the time. If you’ve noticed stink bugs in your home and they are becoming a problem, the best thing to do is contact the professional pest control team at Witt Pest Management. We’ve been in business in the Pittsburgh area since 1908. You can trust we know how to eliminate all kinds of pests, including stink bugs.

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