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As the weather starts to get cooler, home-invading pests will begin to look for warmth, shelter, and food within your living space. The colder it gets the more you will start to see stink bugs crawling around here and there, being a nuisance everywhere they go. You might find them around windows and doors, behind curtains and along baseboards, but don’t worry, they really are not dangerous to humans or pets. However, they are considered an indoor nuisance and not a pest anyone wants to live with throughout the long winter months. Stink bugs are really good at remaining unseen for the most part, which means if you see one, there are probably many more hiding in other locations. Swatting at one of these pests may seem like a good idea, but you will want to avoid that temptation. Stink bugs have a defense mechanism so if you want to find out how stinky they really are, go ahead and squash one. They are true to their name, ranging from smelling like a skunk to that of stinky sweaty socks fresh off a foot of a person that’s been playing basketball in 100 degree weather. Vacuuming up stink bugs is also a bad idea, it will make your vacuum very stinky, so we wouldn’t suggest it unless you don’t mind a stinky vacuum. And, for some reason, the number of stink bug infestations are increasing every year, which means if they are not dealt with soon, they will be a much larger problem in the future.

Preventing stink bugs from entering your home in the first place can be the best way to avoid an infestation. Sealing up all cracks, holes, gaps, and crevices can stop these little stinkers from getting into your home. You may also want to fill in any gaps around window and door frames. Fixing or replacing damaged screens and vents can also help keep these pests outdoors. While they are a nuisance indoors, they actually pose more of a threat ouside where they cause severe agricultural damage during the warmer months.

If you want to prevent stink bugs from coming into your home this fall or you already have an infestation, give us a call at Witt Pest Management in Pittsburgh. Witt Pest Management has been serving the greater Pittsburgh area with tremendous success since 1908. We have solutions for your stink bug and other pest problems, and we want to help you eliminate pests from your home. We will provide you with a detailed inspection of all possible entry points, seal all openings, remove live and dead stink bugs and spot treat problem areas where there has been stink bug activity. Usually, we can assist customers the same or next day that they call, contact us today to learn more about our year-round residential pest control services.

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