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We recently got this inquiry about ants. It said, "I've been battling with tiny ants that have shown up at times in 7-8 different areas. I beat them back in one area and after a time they show up in another. As of now they are still appearing in two areas. I think I need a professional." Ants can be a frustrating pest to deal with. Let's take a quick look at this particular problem and see what we can learn.

Ants keep showing up.

We hear this a lot. But is it actually true? Do ants keep showing up? Or, did they never leave? The person who sent this message claims to have had ants in 7-8 different areas and beat them back to just two. Is this what happened? No. You don't beat back ants in one area and have them show up in another. Ants don't live where you're seeing them. They're just out looking for food. When they find it, they will bring it back to their colony, where they actually live.

Spraying and killing ants doesn't beat them back. It can actually make your ant problem worse. Why? Because ants release different kinds of pheromones (or scents). These smells are a form of communication. Some scents say, "Hey, follow this trail and grab some food!" Other scents say, "There is danger here. Battle stations!" If you're killing off ants, you may be unwittingly telling an ant colony that it is in danger. This can cause the colony to split. The thought is, "If this nest gets wiped out, we'll have another nest to flee to." What does this mean for a homeowner? More ants.

"I think I need a professional."

Yes. When it comes to ants, you do. There are some things you can do to deter ants on your own. Here are the big ones:

  • Don't give them anything to eat. Keep all food cleaned up off the counters, floors and rugs.

  • Make sure you have sealable trash cans. Ants love to dine on trash.

  • Put pet food down only during mealtime.

  • Put dishes in soapy water, instead of stacking them next to the sink.

  • Don't leave half a cup of juice sitting around.

  • If you have to kill ants, make sure you use soapy water or vinegar to hide the scent.

If you don't want to have ants in your house, call a professional. At Witt, our certified technicians understand the habits and habitats of ants, and know which baiting techniques will work with the ants you're dealing with. We're not in the ant killing business; we're in the colony killing business. That's how you beat ants back.

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