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The Professional Pest Management Alliance announces March 13-19 for Termite Awareness Week. But, what exactly is it? And, why is it important? Let's take a look.

8 Facts You May Not Know About Termites

  1. Termites cost U.S. property owners billions of dollars in property damage every single year.

  2. The damage done by termites is greater than damage done by fires, floods, and storms combined.

  3. Subterranean termites can invade a home from the ground and eat away at wood supports for years without detection.

  4. Termites are so difficult to detect; they have even been found to evade inspections done by certified home inspectors.

  5. Drywood termites can attack homes from the air without any need for contact with the ground.

  6. Termites warp and weaken structures and eat away at wooden keepsakes.

  7. Most homeowner's insurance does not cover termite damage.

  8. Termites never stop. These are simple organisms that do not require sleep.

Termites are silent, destructive, resourceful, and relentless adversaries that cause damage that is most often not covered by insurance plans. Does this sound like anything you want to ever have inside the walls of your home? We didn't think so. This is why it is vital for homeowners and home buyers to be aware of the dangers termites present.

In an effort to educate and protect U.S. property owners from the economic impact of these wood-destroying organisms, the Professional Pest Management Alliance, a public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association, is working diligently to promote this, the 5th annual Termite Awareness Week.

Cindy Mannes, executive director of the PPMA says, "With the arrival of spring, many homeowners will begin to think about home improvement and perhaps even selling or buying a home. It is the perfect time to educate customers on termite prevention, detection and treatment." Home buyers, home sellers, and even homeowners need to be aware of the need for a certified termite inspection. For home buyers, it is essential for protection to prevent inheriting someone else's termite issue. For home sellers, it is a vital step in the process of preparing a home for sale so that when a potential buyer surfaces, there is nothing preventing closure. And all homeowners in areas of moderate or severe termite threat should have their home inspected and protected.

The PPMA is requesting that folks use the hashtag #TermiteWeek in their posts on twitter and also on Facebook, and that professionals in the pest industry work together to get plugged in to the media toolkit found at PPMAMainframe.org.

Termites are a serious threat. But together, we can build awareness and prevent these wood eaters from bringing economic disaster to struggling families and businesses. Help get the word out with #TermiteWeek, Mar 13-19, and let's see if we can get this important event to trend.

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