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When it comes to your business, setting yourself apart from your competition is important. Earning customer loyalty starts with a good first impression, and what better way is there to make a good first impression than a good smelling facility? With our odor control, not only will it last, it will make a lasting impression.

One of the many problems when it comes to odor control in your facility is the fact that many times, they simply get forgotten. Eventually, the scent will run out, and when it does, they are no longer effective. With twice as much fragrance as other leading products, not only will our product last longer, it will also be exchanged every 30 days. With continuous coverage, you will never have to worry about odor control again. Not only that, but our products are also VOC compliant and 100% recyclable!

Though other air fresheners claim they are recyclable, most of them end up in the trash when it’s time for a refill. To reassure this is not the case, when we replace your refills for you, we take the old ones back and send them to the manufacturer. There, they are ground up, reinfused with scent and sent back out to use again, making them fully sustainable. So not only are you keeping your business smelling good, you are also doing so in an environmentally and economically friendly way!

Many air fresheners, when they spray, not only create a mist that can leave residue or catch you off guard as you walk by, but they also create peaks and valleys of scent. The scent being at its strongest when initially sprayed, diffusing as time goes on. With our scent infused covers, our dispensers consistently deliver an evenly fresh scent for 30 days!

Odor control is perfect for any business due to the numerous scents that can plague a commercial facility. From different chemicals to materials, no building is scent free. When it comes to keeping customers and employees happy, scent can go a long way. 

Give your business an advantage!  

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