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If you lived through the 50s, you probably remember D.A. hairdos, poodle skirts, going to the hop, pez dispensers, and ice cube trays with levers. In the 50s, jeans were dungarees and bicycles were called Schwinns. Every block had a girl named Cookie. And everyone knew the words to Purple People Eater. It was also the Golden Age of Pesticides, where homeowners wouldn't call a pest control company until rodents were swinging from the rafters. And, the solution was to spray everything with a generous helping of experimental pesticides. But, we've learned a few things since the 50s.

Now, we travel at the speed of sound, and communicate at the speed of light. It only makes sense that, how we treat insect invasion, would see its own advancements. Pest control is no longer a knee jerk reaction to a problem, and pest control companies are no longer considered exterminators. Household pests are now recognized as a danger to public health, and smart homeowners--with the help of professional pest control technicians--are implementing exclusion methods and preventative maintenance to keep pests from spreading disease and illness.

Modern pest control focuses on the limited and targeted use of pesticides, while keeping an emphasis on common-sense deterrents, and conscientious pest removal. Insects and mammals have their place in the ecosystem, but not in your home--unless you have them domesticated. A mouse in a cage is cute, but there is nothing cute about a wild mouse climbing through a dumpster, and carrying the remnants of half rotten bacon passed your walls, and into your silverware drawer. There is also nothing cute about termites eating away at the support beams of your house. For most people, a house payment is the largest investment they'll make in their entire life. That is why preventative measures are so important.

There are many types of insects and mammals that are a danger to your home and your family's health. Find out how you can stop infestations "before" they happen, through the use of Integrated Pest Management, and routine inspections. The PA Department of Agriculture certified technicians at Witt Pest Control can show you exclusion methods, and teach you how to make your home less of a target for wandering pests. We've been at this since 1908. Don't trust your family and your home to anyone else.

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