Prevent Fall Pests In Pittsburgh

Fall is here and so are fall pests!

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Fall pests are still here! Pests like spiders, stink bugs and centipedes are causing problems for Pittsburgh residents and we’ve been getting calls for them all! Luckily, these pests are mainly nuisances that just annoy homeowners more than anything else, but having them inside your home is less than ideal. Here are a few things you need to know about these common fall invaders:


Spiders in PA include common house spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, hobo spiders and cellar spiders. Of all these, the brown recluse are the only ones known for delivering a toxic bite, but they can all become nuisances, especially when they invade in large numbers. You may have spiders in your home if you have large populations of the insects they like to feed on, or if you have many possible entry points around the exterior of your property.


Stink bugs are mostly a nuisance pest for homeowners and in the fall, they huddle around the south facing side of your home, looking for a way to get inside. They may work their way under your home’s siding and then find a way into your home. You may not realize you have a large infestation of stink bugs until the first warm winter day when the sun comes streaming through the windows and these insects wake up after a period of inactivity. They will be noticeable throughout your home and fly towards the windows, looking for a way to get out. You may have these insects in your home if you have many possible entry points around the exterior.


Centipedes typically live outdoors but will come inside when the weather outside is no longer favorable. They like damp places, so you may see them in moist basements or inside closets. They come in through gaps in the exterior and although they don’t spread diseases, they can give a painful bite and are a nuisance when they invade in large numbers.


Fall pest control services may be essential to preventing these pests from coming inside your home this winter. If you have been considering year round pest control, our TopCare and TopCare Plus programs can offer effective inspection services along with targeted treatments and elimination of possible entry points to prevent pests from making a nuisance of themselves. Although there may be many pest control companies in Pittsburgh, the pros at Witt are Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest control company and we want to be there for you, too! Give us a call today to schedule your first inspection and learn more about how our year round pest control services can benefit you.

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