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When you invite guests over for an outdoor gathering, the last thing you should have to worry about is unwanted pests like ticks and mosquitoes bothering them. Barbecues just aren’t the same when you are swatting away mosquitoes. Here at Witt we have combined our mosquito and tick treatments to maximize results when keeping pests off your property and away from your gatherings. The only thing you need to worry about is providing a good time for yourself and your guests.

Dangers of Mosquitoes and Ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks are much more than a nuisance. The red mark you may find on your arm after slapping a mosquito isn't all we mean, either. Both mosquitoes and ticks are known carriers of a number of diseases that can be transmitted to the victims they bite.
Some diseases that mosquitoes here in America can transmit include:
  • West Nile Fever.
  • Malaria.
  • Zika Virus.
  • Chikungunya.
  • Yellow Fever.
Some transmittable tick diseases here in America include. 
  • Anaplasmosis.
  • Bourbon Virus.
  • Lyme Disease.
  • Ehrlichiosis.
  • Borrelia Miyamotoi.
These are just a few of the reasons ticks and mosquitoes are the last guests you want joining your parties. 

How Witt Combines Treatments

Here at Witt, we treat both mosquitoes and ticks with a misting system. Because of the similar technique in which they are used, we have found a way to mix both treatments to effectively treat properties in areas where mosquitoes and ticks congregate.
During our initial inspection, we thoroughly evaluate your property for any signs or presence of both mosquitoes and ticks. Our observations enable us to determine which areas around your property most need treatment. 

Why Choose Witt to Protect Your Yard From Mosquitoes and Ticks

Our goal here at Witt is to make pest control both easy and affordable for our customers. By combining two treatments into one we are not only doubling their effectiveness, we are also cutting costs for our customers like you. There are not extra or hidden costs that come along with our combined yard treatment plans. One treatment, designed to meet all of your property's pest needs, so you only need to worry about having fun when you have guests over. If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk further with one of our representatives about how our mosquito and tick prevention works in Penn Hills or our many other service areas, give us a call. Our team is here and ready to help!

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