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When the topic of carpenter bees comes up, opinions can vary considerably. Some say carpenter bees are not a serious threat because a female bee will only tunnel about a foot or two. Others say that carpenter bees can completely wreck a home. So what should you believe? The truth may actually surprise you.

A single female carpenter bee isn't going to do much damage to your home. She isn't going to create significant tunneling in the wood of your home by herself, or in one season. But here are the three ways this tiny problem can become a big problem.

  • When a female looks for a place to make her nest, she prefers to use old tunneling made by other carpenter bees. When she does, she expands on that tunneling. This is the biggest way carpenter bees can become a serious threat to a home.

  • One carpenter bee is not a big deal, but when several carpenter bees attack a structure, they can do a lot more damage. So it matters how many bees you have.

  • Carpenter bees are attracted to untreated wood. If you have wood that isn't painted, stained, or treated, your home could be a magnet for these insects. This will increase how much damage they will be able to do.

Small Damage Can Still Be A Big Problem

If you have carpenter bees tunneling holes in outside stairs, this can weaken those stairs and lead to a break. While the damage isn't necessarily going to be costly, the medical bills or lawsuits that can result from a fall could be.

Warning Signs Of Carpenter Bees

There are two easy signs that carpenter bees are attacking the wood of your property. The first is obvious. If you see carpenter bees buzzing around, you probably have a carpenter bee nest. These bees are easy to distinguish. They look like bumblebees with a noticeably black, shiny rear end. From the waist back, carpenter bees are entirely black. This can be seen from several feet away.

The second way to tell if you have a carpenter bee problem is to do an inspection for small, circular holes underneath wooden structures, specifically structures that are unpainted, unstained, and untreated. These holes will be about the size of a penny, and perfectly round.

When you find carpenter bees attacking your property it is time to call a professional pest control company. Attempting to treat these holes yourself may cause your issue to become worse. An educated pest control technician knows how to analyze the pest pressures around your home to resist further infestations.

If you are in our Pennsylvania service area, contact us for immediate assistance. Our team of pest specialists is looking forward to solving your carpenter bee problem.

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