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Bed bugs are becoming more and more commonplace throughout both the United States and the world. People are taking vacations and traveling more, increasing the rate at which infestations are occurring. And, now that more and more information is being spread via newspaper articles, television news channels, and the internet, more people know the basic facts about bed bugs in general.

Most people are aware that bed bugs can be found in hotels, but did you know that they can also be found right inside your own home? It really doesn’t matter how clean or dirty a home is either, bed bugs will invade anywhere people are spending a lot of time. Public places like movie theaters, libraries, buses, trains, airplanes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, daycares and will often become breeding grounds for these troublesome pests.

Bed bugs are easily transferred from one place to another by taking a ride on shoes, clothing, luggage, bags, briefcases, and other items. They are small and know how to avoid detection by hiding within creases and seams and behind bed frames and wall hangings. When you invite friends, family or other guests into your home, you may also have some uninvited pests join you as well.

Not only are they evasive, but they are also tough little insects that can withstand extreme temperatures from nearly freezing up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And if that isn’t bad enough, they can go months without a host or a blood meal.

Just recently it has was discovered that if bed bugs cannot find a host, they will find the next best thing, dirty laundry. Yes, that’s right, your dirty laundry carries human body odor and particles of dead skin that will attract bed bugs. So, the next time you are traveling, don’t leave your clothing or other items exposed on the bed or on the floor. If bed bugs are present, they will certainly find their way to your scent and make themselves at home. Also, when you start inspecting for bed bugs in your hotel room or when you get home, don’t forget to look in the clothing that you have worn.

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