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It's that time of year again. This is when those nasty, shield-shaped stink bugs are going to start coming into your house. They'll be crawling in your curtains, buzzing around your lights, and dive bombing your face. They'll be climbing on your television screen, crawling on your bed and leaving their nasty chemical smell behind. Every year you battle these bugs. How is that battle going? Do you feel like you're winning? Here are three methods for dealing with stink bugs. Which of these three do you practice?

Method #1: catch and release.

This method comes in many forms. You might be the quick capture type. This involves grabbing a piece of paper towel, pouncing on the stink bug and quickly disposing of it out the door. You could be the slow meticulous type. The one who gets a cup to cover the stink bug, slides a piece of paper underneath to trap it, and carries it slowly to the door to dispose of it. Whatever method you use to capture and release these bugs doesn't matter as much as the fact that capture and release won't keep you from getting more stink bugs in the house. It is like seeing a warning light come on in your car and unplugging the fuse that controls to the dashboard lights. You may not see that pesky warning light anymore, but the problem still exists.

Method #2: seek and destroy.

This is the way to go. Right? You build yourself a stink bug trap out of a 2-liter bottle of soda and hunt down every stink bug in the house. Better yet, you suck them up in the vacuum and dispose of the bag--that way you don't have hundreds of dead or dying stink bugs in a plastic bottle. And, by doing this, you don't put those stink bugs back outside your house, only to come in again. Perfect solution? Well, not so much. The problem is, there are a ton of stink bugs outside of your house already. Your effort to keep from repopulating them, won't make much of a difference.

Method #3: tried and true with the professionals.

We'd like to offer a third option. Here at Witt Pest Management, we believe the best way to stop stink bugs is to seal them out. But, this is hard to do with exclusion alone. After you've made sure that all your screens, door sweeps and weather stripping are doing their job, and after you've painstakingly double and triple checked that you have no entry points in your exterior walls, stink bugs may still find a way in. That is why it is important to have your exterior walls sealed and protected by a professional.

When you've had enough of stink bugs and all of the other invasive pests that can make life miserable, give us a call. We would love to add you to our ever growing lists of happy, bug-free customers. Stink bugs stink. Let us put up a barrier to keep them out.

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