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Your pets can be exposed to ticks any time of the year, but fall is a somewhat unique time for this pest threat. Why? Because ticks ride into yards on wild animals, and when temperatures drop, wild animals have more reasons to try and overwintering in your home, especially if they sense heat coming out of a crack, gap, or hole. This presents an increased risk to your pets in two ways. Let's take a look at them.

When Animals Look For Food

Before an animal gets into your home, and even after it has gotten in, it will look for food sources around your foundation perimeter. Your landscaping is the perfect place to look for a meal. They'll move in and about your shrubs and ornamentals hunting and hiding. As they do, they'll drop ticks onto the ground. If your dog or cat moves about in your landscaping, those ticks can get on them. So an increase in wildlife activity during the fall can pose a greater risk to your pets. When ticks attach to your pets they can transmit harmful diseases that can make your pet sick. They can also get into your home and make you sick.

When Animals Get In

Rodents commonly bring ticks into homes. In fact, a single mouse can have as many as 100 seed ticks on its body. This can create a real danger for your pets. As mice and rats explore your interior, they can drop ticks. Unlike fleas, ticks can crawl out of hidden locations to get onto your dog or cat. This can expose them to diseases and also expose you when your pet is close to you.

What to Do About Ticks

The best protection from tick infestations is exterior Mosquito & Tick treatments. With routine treatments from a professional, your landscaping can be made resistant to ticks. You can also include mice and rats in your pest plan to prevent them from getting into your home. If you live in Pittsburg, reach out to Witt to discuss your options. No home should be without protection from ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and other disease-spreading pests. Life has enough challenges, doesn't it? Take pest-borne disease off the table. With help from Witt Pest Management, you can manage the threat of pests and protect your property from damage, all with one pest plan. Schedule same-day service and get started right now, before fall pests invade.

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