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November is here and Thanksgiving is quickly sneaking up on us. The dreaded question is… Are you ready for the holidays? There are so many plans to make. From cooking to baking, decorating to cleaning. The holidays can seem a little overwhelming. Keeping your holidays pest free is essential to keeping you calm this season. Pests are known to seek out warm shelter this time of year. It’s even worse if they find a warm shelter with plenty of food and water. Before you know it you will have a full infestation on your hands. Who has time to deal with that around the holidays? The answer of course is no one!

Some common pests you might find looking for a home for the holidays are: mice, cockroaches, Indian meal moths and rats. These pests are looking for a warm place to winter over the colder months. They are using those winter survival instincts to invite themselves over for the holidays. This can be disastrous for you and your family this season. Pests are not only annoying but can also bring dangerous bacteria and diseases into your home. Because they are looking for food, they can also contaminate your holiday food supplies with bacteria. Keep your family and friends safe this season by keeping the pests out.

  • Clean Out Those Cupboards: take time to clean out your cupboards before things get too busy. Make sure all expired food is tossed out. Seal up all food in tight air locked containers. Clean up any crumbs and spills.

  • Clean That Kitchen: Give your kitchen an extreme clean! Clean up any type of spills. Spills will easily attract insects, such as cockroaches to your home. NO one wants to see a cockroach in their kitchen.

  • Take Out The Trash: This seems simple and a regular routine for most but around the holidays things can get a little crazy and it’s easy to overlook the bulging trash can. Taking the trash out regularly will help prevent insects from infesting it.

  • Bring Out The Vacuum: Vacuuming is another regular chore you might forget (or want to forget) during the holidays. Keeping your home vacuumed regularly will help prevent insects like carpet beetles, flees and cockroaches.

  • Room Inspection: Take a look around your home. Inspect it for rodents, insects and other pests. Dealing with an infestation before the relatives arrive is a lot easier then hearing about it from your mother for years to come.

If you find that you do have a pest infestation in your home, call a professional pest exterminator today. Let them get started on setting up a comprehensive pest elimination plan. They will work with you to assess the problem, eradicate the pest and work with you on prevention steps so the pests do not return.

Most importantly enjoy the holidays. Try to relax and embrace the love and joy you share with your family and friends. And be thankful you read these prevention tips and made your home pest free before everyone arrived!

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