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When cockroaches get into a business, it can be a nightmare. They chew their way into boxed products, taint cooking surfaces, contaminate food, invade break room areas, demoralize employees, drive customers away, and possibly lead to a failed government inspections. Today, we're going to focus on one roach in particular: the American cockroach.

Although it has "American" in its name, this roach species is actually not the most established in the United States. That honor goes to the German cockroach. But, where American cockroaches have been distributed here in the U.S., they are a significant problem.

What Can A Business Do To Stop American Cockroaches

There are some methods and exclusions that can resist American cockroaches, but resistance is futile if these roaches are determined to move in. American cockroaches can climb vertical surfaces and run across ceilings at an impressive, and alarming, speed. They are also able to compact their bodies to squeeze through thin gaps and cracks, or underneath doors. But, there are a few things you can do.

  • Do a detailed examination of all exterior walls. Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, and to line gaps. If you have broken or chipped mortar, use liquid cement to patch these areas, especially around windows.

  • If you have vents or other openings, make sure they are covered with window-grade screens.

  • Cover chimney tops with a cap or with screens.

  • Keep your foundation perimeter free of weeds and other vegetation that will provide shaded protection for cockroaches that want to explore your walls.

  • American cockroaches are drawn to moisture. If you have any leaky spigots or obstructed gutters, they should be addressed. If you have moist areas near your business where rainwater is not able to be quickly dried by the sun because of excessive shade, it is important to cut vegetation to allow sunlight in.

  • Basement areas should be ventilated and dry.

  • All food should be in sealed plastic containers or walk-ins.

  • Trash should be removed every night.

  • Good sanitation will reduce food options for these pests.

  • Remove all water resources inside the structures such as weepy pipes, leaks, and wet sinks.

For comprehensive control of American cockroaches, in accordance with all government regulations, it is essential to have a pest plan developed and maintained by a certified pest professional like Witt Pest Management. If you are in our Pennsylvania service area, connect with us today. We'll help you protect your business from the harmful influence of these dirty pests.


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