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No one wants to rush through spring, even though we love to see summer coming. It tends to go by too fast; and when it’s gone, Old Man Winter never seems to be too far behind. Whether we want to slow down the hands of time or not, summer is still fast approaching, and we need to consider being ready for the tiny little beasts that make our dog days of summer a bit more of a challenge. Below are the top 5 pests to be on the lookout for this summer.


What would a picnic be without these little fellas stealing the show? All summer long, ants are truly the busiest creatures around. Their workers are doing their part finding food and getting their nests ready for another winter that is sure to come. Nests near any residence mean that these little pests are probably finding a great food source right in the kitchen thanks to an enormous sweet tooth and a hankering for greasy foods. It doesn’t take long for more and more workers to come in once one has found the way, quickly contaminating your food supply and becoming a terrible nuisance all the way around. Once you start seeing several of them, you have to wonder whether they are getting in from the outside or whether they actually moved in without anyone noticing.


The mosquito is one of the worst things about summer for most of us. These swarming, biting menaces can drive us crazy and their bites leave an itchy reminder that lasts for days. Unfortunately, that is not even the worst thing about the mosquito. Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases that have been found all over the U.S., diseases that can be quite dangerous such as encephalitis, West Nile, equine encephalitis, and the Zika virus has now landed in this country.


Ticks are also a prominent summer resident in yards and on hiking trails. These blood-sucking pests wait for an unsuspecting passerby and sneak on board, find a spot, and latch on for a feast. They aren’t picky whether the mammal in question is a raccoon, the family dog, or even one of your family members. It can take hours, if not more, to even notice that you have brought a tick home; and by that time they might have transmitted one of the diseases that ticks unfortunately carry. Lyme disease is number one on that list, but there are others as well such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


Like the others, there is not one good thing to say about the common flea. These tiny beasts can certainly cause a lot of problems for homes with and without pets. If Fido is scratching a lot, most of us know to check him over for the telltale signs of a flea infestation so we can fix it. Tiny eggs near the animal’s skin that look like eggs, itchy rashes and bites, as well as the little hoppers themselves, cause our pets a lot of discomfort. The flea can also infest our carpets and furniture making any nearby human the snack of the hour. Fleas may be tiny, but the sickness that they can introduce to the household is anything but. Diseases like cat scratch fever and the plaque are commonly carried by the flea.


What would summer be without sitting on the porch with a cold glass of lemonade to cool us off? We all love those quiet moments when we can cook a burger on the grill and eat it in peace with a warm summer breeze and the birds chirping away in the background. Wasps, like the yellow jacket, like it quite a bit when the grill is on, and there is a possible meal waiting for them as well. Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive, and summer is when they are on the lookout for as much protein and sweet food as they can find to take back to their nesting queen – and wasps are extraordinarily attracted to all things human. If you are allergic to stings, you know quite well to get out of harm’s way as quickly as possible, but even for those without an allergy, a sting of a wasp is a painful reminder that summer is here.

It is important to try to protect you and your home from these pests as much as possible. When outside, repellents can help guard against mosquitoes and ticks, as can long sleeves and pants when gardening or hiking. You can protect your pets from fleas and ticks with vet recommended treatments all year. You can also reduce the areas around your home where these pests live. Making sure that any standing water is eliminated (such as the water that gathers in flower pots, trays and bird baths etc.) can help reduce the mosquito population. Keeping the grass trimmed as well as trimming the nearby bushes and trees can give these pests fewer areas to hide from the heat of the day. Also, be sure that any food sources that you have around are well covered and cleaned up promptly when you are done will also discourage wasps and ants from making a guest appearance.

If you really want to make the most of your summer, consider giving Witt Pest Management a call. You can greatly reduce the threat of these and other common household pests on your property with year-round pest protection that is effective both indoors and out. Our technicians are well trained and will work with you to point out problem areas that exist and will explain how to correct them. Then they will apply the most eco-friendly and effective products available to greatly reduce any pest population nearby. Witt Pest Management will work with you to inspect and recommend just the level of service your home needs to keep the most dangerous and annoying summer pests under control, giving you the quiet summer you were looking for.

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