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Have you ever heard of Dug the dinosaur? If you haven't, you should take a few minutes and look him up on the internet. He is quite the character. Each year, around the holidays, Dug can be found in his front yard, sporting the latest in festive attire. Whether it be Cupid on Valentine's Day, the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July, or Elvis around Halloween time, Dug's owners are always dressing him to impress. With Halloween almost here, it is time to put out your spooky skeletons, scary jack-o'-lanterns, and yes, even giant dressed up dinosaurs - If that's your thing. Everyone loves Halloween decorations. What we don't love, however, are pests invading our homes! Let's talk about some of the ways your holiday decorations may be inviting unwanted guests near your exterior walls and perhaps even into your home and address some ways this can be avoided.

Pumpkin Problems

Nothing says happy Halloween better than a finely carved jack-o'-lantern sitting on your front porch. Unfortunately, these fun decorations can attract pests, like rodents and a variety flies. When you draw pests in near your exterior walls, it is only logical that they will start looking for the cracks in your defenses. The problem with pumpkins is that they only stay ripe 5-10 days after being carved. Consider putting your jack-o'-lanterns out 2 days before Halloween, and picking them up within the next week, to avoid attracting pests.

Hay Hideouts

If you are thinking of adding bales of hay to your Halloween decorations this year, consider that those tightly packed bundles of dry grass can also attract pests. When pests come looking for a wet, shaded space to crawl into, or a dry cozy spot to nest in, those bales of hay will work perfectly. Whether it's a mouse or a colony of termites, hay bales are hotels equipped with all the latest in pest amenities. When you decorate with hay bales, make sure to place them at least 5 feet from your exterior walls, and, to decrease your chance of unwanted invaders, be sure to remove them shortly after Halloween has passed. The longer they sit out there, the more time mice, termites, cockroaches, and other invasive creatures have to be attracted to your home.

Reducing attractants in your yard is just one of the many ways you can make your home more resistant to pests; but there are some things only a professional pest controller can do to keep those pests out. Learn more about how the TopCare programs at Witt Pest Management keep over 40 common household pests out, all year long. Life is better without pests. Get plugged into year-round pest control today.


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