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It's the holiday season and it's time to decorate. Time to dig out those boxes and turn your home into the scene from a modern day Christmas carol; a carol about winter wonderlands, open fires, joy and…...bugs? Unfortunately, if you are not careful you could introduce mice, silverfish, and spiders to your picture-perfect holiday scene. As you dig open the boxes that have been stored since you last used them, keep in mind that many items that you've stored away, including the boxes themselves, make for some pretty great food and shelter for pests trying to avoid the weather.

Mice are a pest that many of us are familiar with. Most are unaware, however, that they can be an extreme hazard to you and your family. As they chew their way through your home with no disregard for insulation, wires, and pipes, they create potential fire hazards and water damage all at the same time. Mice are known to carry many diseases and other pests like ticks and fleas. As they leave urine and feces behind, not only can they make a disgusting mess, they can both, directly and indirectly, spread those diseases. Finding damaged goods, gnaw marks, rub marks and droppings can indicate an infestation.

An extremely stubborn pest, the silverfish can live for more than a year without food as long as water is available. When they do come out to eat they will focus on things like the paste of your wallpaper, linen, silk, cotton, and other dead bugs. Though small, silverfish can do quite a bit of damage. Some signs of silverfish are holes in books, magazines, boxes, and wallpaper. Seeing one, of course, could be a sign that there are many others elsewhere. You also may find droppings and yellow stains. Though the stains don’t necessarily indicate urination, they can be found just about anywhere a silverfish has been.

We all know how easy it is to spot house spiders. If we forget, we are quickly reminded when we walk through a web. Webs can be quite a nuisance, and living in close proximity to spiders does pose some risk of being bitten, though most spider bites are harmless. Coming across a web or a spider itself is our only indicator of infestation really, as spiders are pretty good at keeping a low profile. Spiders are worth taking note of, however, as they can indicate the presence of other pests in the area.

Pest prevention is the best way to alleviate an infestation. Taking a couple extra steps this year can mean a relaxing, pest free year the next. Here are some tips to prevent common pests.

  • Take care of any leaks like pipes and backed up gutters

  • Store decorations in tight containers

  • Clean up spills and crumbs quickly

  • Regularly remove trash

  • Always remember to clean in behind and under appliances

  • Caulk around windows, doors, and other exterior openings

If not eradicated, most pests can become year-round pests. Taking care of the problem now can free up lots of time later. A year-round pest control plan can keep you from scrambling last minute down the road and reassures that you are not running into the same problems next year. Witt’s Top Care plans include our pest-free guarantee and year-round coverage all while covering more than 40 common pests. You can count on Witt Pest Management to keep you pest free during the holiday season, reach out today to see which Top Care plan is best for you.

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