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Every year, as the Pittsburgh weather takes a turn towards colder temperatures, bugs go into hiding. They may hide in a tree, under a log, inside a stump, beneath a rock, in the cracks of a rocky mountain wall, and any number of other places. If you have bugs around your Pittsburgh home, like all of us do, there is a chance those bugs may choose your home, rather than one of nature's many hiding places. This is called overwintering. But, beyond this simple explanation, there is actually a lot of confusion about what exactly overwintering means.

First of all, why should you care what overwintering means? Simple. The more you understand about this process, the better you can protect yourself from the yearly invasion, and all of the many frustrations that come with it.

Misconceptions about the term overwintering.

  • Overwintering does not mean hibernation. This is the biggest misconception of all. Many bugs are cold-blooded creatures that only go dormant because it is too cold for them to be outside in the freezing air. But, it is important to understand that bugs can become active again if there is even a single warm day in the middle of winter. Hibernating creatures do not.

  • Most overwintering bugs don't prefer to live in your home. If you have an invasion of stink bugs, lady bugs, boxelder bugs, or cluster flies when the Pittsburgh weather shifts into the lower digits, these bugs will only be temporary guests. But, even though they are temporary intruders, they can drive you crazy, and set up conditions inside your walls to attract other pests that eat dead insects.

  • Sometimes overwintering doesn't end with winter. You would think with the term overwintering, that this problem would only be a winter problem. But, there are some creatures that get driven into homes when the temperatures get uncomfortable outside, that do not move on when it warms back up. Once they realize your home is filled with unending food supplies, they will be happy to live off of your generosity.

The Pittsburgh weather is guaranteed to change. Winter comes every single year. Therefore, it is important to understand that overwintering is something that will occur this fall, just like it does every year. Make sure your home is protected. Do a close inspection of your exterior walls and seal any holes or gaps you find. Replace or repair any damaged screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps.

For the best protection against overwintering pests and animals, contact Witt Pest Management. The educated pest specialists here at Witt know what is necessary to keep these accidental invaders out with year-round pest control programs you can trust.

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