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Let's talk a moment about your car, truck, jeep, or van. Yes, this is an article about spiders, but the vehicle you drive can give you some valuable insight into winter spider activity. Most insects aren't like the vehicle you drive. They can't operate in the winter. This is why insects disappear when it starts to get cold. Spiders are not insects. They don't have to hide when temperatures begin to drop because, like your vehicle, they have antifreeze. They can continue to operate outside. But, unlike your vehicle, they need to eat insects to survive. Where do they find insects to eat during the winter? They may find those insects in your home. This is one reason you might be noticing more spiders. But this isn't the most likely reason. Here are a few more interesting facts about winter spiders in Pittsburgh.

Mating Season

You might be seeing more spiders in your home this time of year because this is the time of year when some spider species mate. When a spider goes on the prowl for a mate, it can come out of hiding. So, the spiders you're seeing could be spiders that were already living inside your wall voids, attic, basement, boiler room, and other secluded spaces.

Adult Spiders

Many spider species mate and lay eggs during the warm months. If you have these spiders in your home, you may start to see spiders around your home because they're larger than they were before. A spiderling can be much smaller than an adult.

Spider Food

The most likely reason you're seeing spiders in late fall or early winter is related to the first point we made in our opening paragraph. Insects get into Pittsburgh homes when temperatures drop. If insects have gotten into your home, and are crawling around in your common areas, the spiders that are living in your home will come out of hiding to feed on those insects. This will cause you to see them crawling around or see the webs they're using to capture and eat those insects.

Spider Prevention And Control

If you don't want spiders in your home during the winter, you need to consider both prevention and control. Prevention alone is only going to get you so far. While it is certainly important to make sure all your screens are in good working condition, and that every little entry point in your exterior has been addressed, this isn't going to do anything to eliminate the spiders that are already inside your home. At Witt Pest Management, we help Pittsburgh homeowners get complete control of spiders through the application of EPA approved products. This can be accomplished with an interior treatment, or just ongoing exterior treatments. Exterior treatments work to eliminate insects and keep them out of your home. This will make the spiders have to come outside to get a bite to eat. As they move outside, they'll be controlled with ongoing pest maintenance, such as the removal of spider webs and other control strategies that work to reduce spider populations and deter them from being active near your home.
Have you had enough of winter spiders? Contact Witt Pest Management today, we can help you get control of those spiders. Get started by requesting a pest control inspection. We'll send a licensed pest management professional over to have a look at the pest pressures around your Pittsburgh home. This inspection will allow us to guide you in selecting the right pest control service for your specific needs and budget. Reach out to us today.

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