lady bug found near a pittsburgh home

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Any pest can be a fall pest, but the ones we associate most with fall are the ones that are more problematic in fall. Why do they become more of a problem? Because when the cold temperatures come, they aren't content to stay out in nature where they belong. These are the "snow birds" of the animal kingdom. What are snow birds? If you have friends or relatives who live in Florida, they would be happy to explain what a snowbird is. When temperatures drop in the north, snowbirds pack their families into their RVs or minivans, and head to Florida, where the temperatures are like spring all winter long. Sadly, bugs and wildlife don't own RVs or minivans. So, when they get uncomfortable with the temperature, they find someplace closer to overwinter. That means they are going to try to get into your Pennsylvania home. You might say that Pennsylvania pests are prone to protecting progeny in Pittsburgh places. Or that might be too much of a mouthful and you simply say, bugs and wild animals get into our Pittsburgh homes so they can live to make more babies next year.

Do you have fall pests?

Probably not yet. But you will soon. The invasion happens every year. Is your home ready this year? Here are some practical protection practices that will prevent pest and pestilence in your Pittsburgh place. Yup. That just happened. If we don't use clever prose we might lose your attention. Then where would you be? Okay. Here is your fall pest checklist.

  • Seal those walls. Inspect your walls for any rotted holes or gaps. Use a caulking gun to fill in holes until you can get them properly repaired. Don't forget to check for gaps around pipes, wiring, air conditioning units, and other objects that pass through your walls.

  • Get rid of attractants. If bugs and wildlife are hanging out near your exterior walls, they're much more likely to get in when the temperatures drop. Make sure your trash cans are always sealed and be sure your grass is mowed and the weeds are plucked up. Make sure to rake up leaves and dispose of them so bugs don't harbor underneath. Reduce bug populations in your yard by reducing bug populations in your yard. What? The fewer flies you draw in with exterior lights or the light coming out of your windows at night, the fewer bugs you'll have that eat those flies, like spiders and centipedes. Sometimes a house can attract fall pests just by being a certain color. If you have box elder bugs, lady bugs, stink bugs or some other bug that congregates on your walls, have the professionals here at Witt Pest Management do a treatment on your exterior walls to make them think twice about doing that.

  • Combat moisture. If your home has puddles, moisture or rotted areas, it will be appealing to bugs and wildlife. Combat these on the outside of your house by making sure your gutter system is working to channel water away.

The best way to exclude fall pests--or pests any time of the year--is with TopCare from Witt. Our TopCare programs protect homes year round, with expert advice and cutting edge treatment plans. In the fight against fall invaders, you're safe with Witt Pest Management.

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