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When bed bugs strike, it is time to turn the heat on. Heat is a powerful and eco-friendly way to eradicate these blood-eating pests. But sometimes it isn't necessary or practical to heat an entire structure. That is why we offer our content management service.

Content management service (CMS) is a treatment option that targets infected items. Our team uses a mobile container unit to carry items to an offsite heat chamber. This service is sometimes necessary during a full heat treatment when bed bugs have deeply infested a piece of furniture. While it is possible to bring the temperature of a home up to a temperature that will destroy the bugs onsite, it is safer and more reliable to treat them offsite.

Here are a few more specific reasons we may suggest this service.

  • You own a used furniture store, and you discover bed bugs have hitchhiked in on a recent acquisition. With our canine bed bug inspection team and targeted CMS, we can treat that specific item before you put it out on display.

  • You have discovered bed bugs in a piece of used furniture. Whether you picked something up off the side of the road or at a yard sale or auction, used furniture can come with bed bugs. CMS helps to prevent an accidental introduction of these pests into your home.

  • If our K-9 bed bug inspectors isolate your infestation to a single piece of furniture in your home or business, it is sometimes possible to treat the infestation with CMS alone.

  • You suspect that a resident moving in may have bed bugs. Colleges are a battleground for bed bugs. And it can be extremely complicated to treat infestations when they break out. It is better to catch them "before" they break out. If you suspect an incoming resident has bed bugs in their belongings, CMS can save everyone from a frustrating and miserable outbreak.

  • When bed bugs are found in an apartment, it is not practical to treat the entire structure. We have developed strategies that use focused efforts to ensure containment. One of these measures is CMS.

  • If you own a business, and you discover bed bugs in the breakroom, CMS is one way we can help you keep your business going.

Our content management service is the perfect addition to complicated heat treatments, both big and small. It is also one of the ways we proactively protect homes and businesses from having these bugs hitchhike their way in.

If you'd like to learn more or to schedule service, give us a call today.

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