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Autumn is here. And, along with the changing leaves, pumpkins, and cold temperatures, you can expect something else this time of year. Yep. We're talking about stink bugs.

Since the accidental introduction of the brown marmorated stink bug to the United States in the late 1990s, these critters have been increasingly more frustrating for Pennsylvania home and business owners with each passing year. Why? Because the brown marmorated stink bug is an overwintering insect. When temperatures drop, these bugs look for a place to hide.

If you hadn't noticed that the temperatures here in Pittsburgh have been dropping, those stink bugs sure have. That is why you're probably seeing them crawling on your exterior walls, deck railings, window sills, and screens. These bugs know that it will soon be too cold for them to survive unprotected. So they are looking for a rock to hide under, some bark to slip behind, or a log to squeeze into. They'll also be more than happy to hide under the siding of your home. Or, if given the opportunity, weather out the winter in your attic spaces, wall voids, and even public areas.

Now is the time to seal your home up. Here are some ideas that may help.

  • Your screens are the first line of defense against stink bugs--but you have probably already sensed that. Screens are one of the first places you'll notice these bugs, especially when you slide your door screen open to go outside on your balcony or deck. You may have already patched damaged screens or replaced screens in preparation for fall pests. But, it is important to seal up around screens as well. It doesn't take much of a gap for stink bugs to get inside. And, if they get past your screens, they could find themselves inside your home when you open your windows to let the fresh cool Autumn air in.

  • Another way stink bugs slip in is through damaged weather stripping on sliding doors. It is important to inspect and fix any damaged weather stripping to prevent stink bugs from getting into the space between your screen door and your glass door. This will prevent them from riding into your home when you go in or out of your home.

  • If you have vents or exhaust openings that are unprotected, it is a good idea to cover these with screens. This will help to keep stink bugs from exploiting these openings.

If you need help sealing up your walls, Witt Pest Management can help. Our team of pest specialists can also apply limited and focused pest products to vulnerable areas that are hard to fully seal.

When stink bugs get stinks. Keep them out with QualityPro certified pest control from Pittsburgh's oldest and most advanced pest control company.

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