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That nasty smell that reminds you of your son's old sneakers, is the prime reason most people can't stand to have stink bugs in their home, and is the inspiration for the name, stink bug. But what makes stink bugs stink? The answer will shock you! Okay. I'm kidding. It won't shock you. But it is pretty cool to know, especially if you're going to a cocktail party with some entomologist.

Stink bugs have a gland on the dorsal surface of their abdomen and on the underside of their thorax. Inside these glands is a nasty, vicious fluid that smells like dirty feet. Why in heavens name are they crawling around with dirty feet fluid in organic belly packs? For the same reasons skunk carry spray. Predators. If you've ever seen a bird accidentally snatch a stink bug into its mouth, you know why. Their head shakes, and the stink bug goes flying. There are some birds that don't mind the taste, but they are few. Most creatures in the United States don't care for stink bugs, this is one of the reasons stink bug populations are out of control.

This smelly, viscous fluid is not a good thing to have in your house. Not only does it smell bad, but it also stains curtain, rugs, furniture, and clothing. And, stink bugs don't need to be stepped on to release this self defense fluid. They are able to do it if startled. Fortunately, they're not startled easily, so you can suck them up with a vacuum without the whole lot of them spraying.

This fall, as stink bugs attempt to choose your house to overwinter, do some prep work to keep them out. Check to make sure all of your door and window screens are in good shape. Check your weather stripping, to make sure it hasn't slid down due to gravity. Inspect your door sweeps. Fill in cracks and holes around your home using a caulking gun, especially where pipes enter your home, or around outlets and air conditioning units. Apply screening to vents and over your chimney. And have the outside of your home sprayed with limited and targeted pesticides. If the stink bugs aren't crawling on your walls, they're not looking for a way to get in.

Call us today and get bug-proof. You don't have to live with those bugs anymore.

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