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When our grueling Pittsburgh winters are in full swing, you may not be the only one looking to get cozy and comfortable inside your home. Several bothersome pests may try to stay out of the cold by finding their way inside your walls, cabinets, garage, or any place they can find warmth.

Let’s take a look at what unwelcomed critters are most likely invite themselves in, and find out what overwintering pests could mean for your Pittsburgh home.

Common Overwintering Pests

Certain pests are more aggressive when seeking warmth in the winter, making them more likely to enter your home. While many of these pests seem harmless at first glance, they can cause health problems and significant damage to your home if left untreated.

Here are some of the most common Pittsburgh pests that are known to overwinter inside your home:

Ladybugs: While ladybugs may be cute little critters, they’re more than happy to take advantage of the warmth your home offers in the winter. Ladybugs enter your home through weatherstripping or cracks around windows. Like many overwintering pests, ladybugs typically enter your home in the late fall and emerge in the winter on unseasonably warm days. While these cuties don’t do much damage to you or your home, their numbers can grow quickly and leave you with several unwelcomed ladybugs to escort from your home.

Boxelder Bugs: Boxelder bugs are black and red insects that measure about an ½ inch long as adults. They spend most of their time in female Boxelder trees feeding on seeds and leaves but are happy to make a guest appearance in your home in the winter. In late fall, they will begin to find a place to spend their winter, and the cracks in your weather stripping are calling their name. Boxelder bugs give off a foul defensive odor when crushed which can make removing them even more frustrating. Boxelder bugs are harmless to humans but can cause quite the inconvenience when trying to keep your home clean and pest free.

Stinkbugs: Stinkbugs see winter as the perfect time to invite themselves and all their stinky friends inside your home. These pesky insects can gather by the hundreds inside your walls, attic, basement, and any other warm and secluded place they find. Stinkbugs will typically lay dormant for a majority of the winter but rear their heads during warmer winter days. Stinkbugs are known for the foul and lingering order they emit when they feel threatened, and that’s the last thing you want to fill your home in any season.

Mice: As temperatures drop, mice find it difficult to find food and shelter in the outdoors. This drives them directly into your warm and food-filled home to survive the Pittsburgh cold. Mice are the largest overwintering pest and usually the most problematic. Not only are mice unsightly, but their feces can also spread bacteria, contaminate food, and cause allergic reactions. They also gnaw through electrical wires and other important materials inside your walls. Eliminating or preventing a mouse problem as early as possible will help keep you and your family safe.

How To Prevent Overwintering Pests

The best way to prevent overwintering pests from entering your home is to hire a professional pest control company.

A seasoned pest control expert knows exactly where pests are most likely to enter your home and can pest-proof these areas safely and professionally.

There are certain things you can do as well to help reduce the risk of overwintering pests. Here are some steps you can take in the fall to help reduce the risk of infestation:

  • Replace or repair torn screens.

  • Caulk around pipes or open areas on the outside of your home.

  • Clear debris from gutters.

  • Remove any piles of wood, leaves, or potential hiding spots from your yard.

These tips can be followed in the winter as well but are most effective in the fall, so you can get a jump on the critters looking to turn your house into a home.

Professional Services For Overwintering Pests

Witt Pest Management is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest control company. We have years of experience stopping winter pest infestations dead in their tracks safely and efficiently.

Our year-round pest control packages will keep pests out of your home in every season. Contact us now and let us keep the bugs where they belong.

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