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After a cold winter, we’re all looking forward to the warmth and sunlight of spring and summer. As cold as winter may have been, however, it did offer at least one area of respite: We didn’t have to worry about stinging insects. Now that the temperatures are heating up, you may be wondering what’s attracting wasps to your Pittsburgh home.

Why are Wasps Back in Action?

When the weather gets cold, wasps die off. Only the queen survives, hibernating until spring when she comes back out in the open and looks for a new location to build a nest, lay her eggs, and regrow her colony. If you haven’t already seen wasp activity, it won’t be long before you do.

What Attracts Wasps to your Pittsburgh Home?

Ideally, when the queen comes out of hibernation, your Pittsburgh property will be an unappealing place for her to build a nest. You can work towards this goal in a few ways.

  • Wasps are attracted to sweet scents and bright colors. If you have a lot of flower gardens or flowering plants and bushes, you’ll probably find yourself with a lot of wasps too. If possible, keep your flowering plants in an area that isn’t close to your home’s entrance or along the perimeter of your house.
  • Wasps are attracted to garbage. If your outdoor garbage bins are open or easily accessible, wasps will know they have a steady food source near your home.
  • Make sure that your garbage bins have tight-fitting lids and store them away from your house.
  • Wasps need water. If you have areas of standing water on your property, such as pet dishes, clogged gutters, or low spots in your lawn where water collects, you should eliminate that water to discourage wasps and other pests.

What to Do About Wasps on Your Property

While following the above prevention tips is a good place to start, you may still end up with a healthy wasp population on your property. If you’re tempted to try to take care of them by yourself, consider the difficulties in doing so. Sprays are often ineffective and can end up killing beneficial insects, like honey bees. Trying to burn a nest can end in disaster. And simply knocking a nest down can leave you covered in stings.

The safest and most effective way to remove wasps from your property is by partnering with the experts at Witt Pest Management. We offer three levels of protection based on your specific needs, as well as one-time services for individual pest protection.

Keep your Pittsburgh home wasp-free this season and enjoy your time outside with the help of Witt. Contact us directly to learn more about our other Pittsburgh pest control services.

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