carpet beetle on a white carpet

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Identifying a carpet beetle can be tricky because they are widely varied in color and pattern. If you see a carpet beetle at a distance you might think it’s a ladybug since it is a similar shape and has a hard shell. But upon closer inspection, you may notice a mottled pattern of yellow and orange that isn’t spotted like a ladybug. And some carpet beetles can be solid black or brown, depending on the species.
Carpet beetles are small and can also be confused with bed bugs at times because of their attraction to fabrics. You may find them in some of the same places where you might find bed bugs such as in couches, chairs, throw pillows, and carpets. You likely won’t find carpet beetles in the seams of bedding or mattresses like you would bed bugs.
If you have synthetic fabrics, carpet beetles won’t be attracted to them. They prefer wool and other organic fabrics. But if you don’t have any wool carpet in your home, that doesn’t mean your home is safe from carpet beetles. Carpet beetles don’t know what is inside your home, so they may come in regardless.
Carpet beetles can fly and crawl and will come into your home through small cracks. When outdoors, they thrive on pollen and are sometimes accidentally brought into homes in fresh flowers. Though sealing up cracks and vacuuming any signs of pests can help control carpet beetles, like most pests they are hard to completely get rid of on your own.
Tiny pests hide in the smallest of cracks, and only professionals like our technicians at Witt Pest Management are trained to know how to find and eliminate them. Call Pittsburgh’s oldest pest management company today to help you identify and remove carpet beetles and other damaging or nuisance pests from your home safely and efficiently.

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