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What sorts of pests do you expect to encounter this spring? When things begin to heat up, pests of all shapes and sizes become active. You may start to see lady bugs and stink bugs appearing inside your home, as if by magic. But it isn't magic at all. These are overwintering bugs that hide from the cold. If they found an entry point last fall, they'll let you know it. You may start seeing disease spreading pests like flies, cockroaches, and ants appearing everywhere. The warm weather is sure to get them moving. And, if you look hard, you might catch the subtle signs of wood destroying pests like carpenter ants and termites. Whatever pests you expect to see--or are hoping you won't see--Witt Pest Management has a solution that will take care of them. It is called TopCare.

TopCare is a comprehensive pest program that covers over 40 common household pests, includes year-round coverage and comes with the Witt Pest Free Guarantee. If you have any household insects or rodents common to Pennsylvania, our TopCare program is for you.

What to expect from the TopCare program:

  • INSPECTION: At your initial inspection, one of our expert pest technicians will thoroughly inspect the inside of your home using high-powered flashlights and other investigatory tools. With these, they will be able to identify any conditions that can contribute to pest infestations. A complete inspection of the outside of your home will also be performed.

  • INTERIOR TREATMENT: At this initial service (and any other time a pest concern arises) our skilled technicians will provide any necessary treatments to eliminate pests, and also place pest monitoring devices where needed.

  • PEST PROOFING AND CLEANUP: Your Witt technician will also seal any points of entry on the outside of your structure, as well as removing dead insects, cobwebs, spider egg sacks and other items of concern.

  • REPORT: A detailed report of all findings and services provided will be offered to you via a smartphone application or email. This is vital information to keep you up to speed on what pest pressures are present on your property, and what is being done to control them.

If you would like all that TopCare has to offer, PLUS termite monitoring, then you'll love our TopCare Plus program. Strategically placed bait stations will watch for termite activity around your home.

TopCare Complete is the ultimate in home pest protection with the added benefit of comprehensive termite control. If termites choose your home, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System will immediately work to kill all those termites and the colony that sent them.

No matter which TopCare program you choose, you can be certain that your home is in good hands with the professionals here at Witt Pest Management. We are not only Pittsburgh's oldest and most advanced pest control company, we are also QualityPro certified by the National Pest Management Association. And, that is pest control you can trust.

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