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The Steel City is a symbol of American industrialism and hardiness, so it should be no surprise that even the pests around here are just a little tougher than they are elsewhere. American cockroaches are common and difficult to defend against, so it pays to know how you can prevent infestations and act quickly to stifle them. 

American Cockroaches: What To Know

The largest invasive cockroach species in the world is the American cockroach. Unlike Pittsburgh, these pests aren’t uniquely American. They can be found worldwide, especially in urban environments, where human activity provides them with food and shelter. Here are some defining features to watch for:
  • Size: Again, no cockroaches grow bigger on average than the American cockroach. Most of them grow to a few inches, with some approaching or exceeding a half-foot.
  • Color: American cockroaches are brown, sometimes reddish or amber in appearance. 
  • Shape: The roaches themselves are ovular, but the more important shape is the figure-8 on the tops of their heads. 
Why Cockroaches Are Bad News 
American cockroaches aren’t just big; they’re also nasty. An infestation doesn’t have to be around for long to lead to some of these larger problems: 
  • Damage: Cockroaches chew through interior materials as they nest inside walls and vents, not to mention the stains they leave behind as they streak their oily bodies across surfaces. 
  • Disease: Cockroaches are known to carry and transmit some nasty illnesses, including salmonella and plague. 
  • Odor: The unpleasant odors that result from cockroach urine, feces, and shed skins can fill an entire property, especially when they nest inside walls or vents, which is often. 
  • Population: A cockroach can lay more than a dozen eggs, creating truly massive populations in a short amount of time.

American Cockroach Prevention

Aside from the nasty issues they cause, the problem with cockroaches is that people often don’t realize they are even there until a population has grown out of hand. Taking time to implement early prevention measures is smarter than reacting to pest problems as they arise. Here’s how you can reduce your risk of a cockroach infestation: 
  • Food storage: Cockroaches are foragers, constantly seeking stored food or traces that may be left behind. Store food in sturdy containers and deep clean regularly, especially under heavy appliances.
  • Trash storage: You also need to pay attention to what you throw away since cockroaches can survive on scraps from the garbage. Keep trash stored in secure bins, both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Moisture control: Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas, making proper ventilation and plumbing maintenance crucial for preventing their activity. 
  • Crack sealing: No crack or hole in the wall or foundation of a structure is too small for a cockroach to squeeze through. You should check for and fix any such issues. 

Don’t Waste Time, Contact Witt Today

Cockroaches can find numerous ways into your property and survive on scraps. Not only do they breed quickly, but they are also resistant to most DIY solutions, and some store-bought chemicals and baits can be ineffective. Instead of rolling the dice on unproven cockroach control, turn instead to the guaranteed results that Witt Pest Management offers. We can get started immediately with an inspection of your property where we'll check for signs of pest activity and problem areas where an invasion might occur. If we find any issues, we’ll not only address them right away; we’ll follow-up and make sure that cockroaches stay away. Even if you just need assistance with at-home prevention, our friendly staff is happy to help.
For cockroach control, you can rely on contact Witt Pest Management today. 

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