termite swarmers in pittsburgh

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Have you ever heard of termite swarms? Maybe you have heard or even seen them swarming but not really understood what they were doing. Well, here is a little information about termites!

There are over 2000 termite species that have been identified. These little pests are social insects and live in colonies. They feast on the cellulose of wood, wood products and paper. They have three stages of development, eggs, several molts of larvae and then adult termites. A mature adult will be in one of three categories: workers, soldiers or winged swarmers.

Swarmers, also known as reproductives, are the only termite with wings. The spring swarming that you may see is actually the swarming of males and females looking for mates. The females will release a pheromone to attract the males. Once a male and female select one another, they break off their wings. This act symbolizes they are a now a couple. Then they go off to start their own colony.

Colonies are termed by their location. Termites may start a colony in either drywood, dampwood or subterranean. Each new colony will be made up of the queen, workers, soldier and winged reproductives. It is interesting that most soldiers and workers live about 2 years. But a queen has been known to live up to 30 years.

In the first year, a colony may only have about 75 termites and they multiply year by year. Since this is the case, swarms should be especially alarming to homeowners. Once termites find mates and are wingless, they won’t travel far before starting a colony. This colony can easily be in your home. These pests can be present and unseen until great termite damage is done.

As a homeowner, some early signs might be a termite swarm or an area of broken wings. If you determine, or just suspect, that you have a termite problem, don’t make the mistake of trying to take care of the problem on your own. This is not the time to practice your DIY ideas. When contemplating how to get rid of termites it is highly recommended you contact a professional pest control company like Witt. The value of your home is at stake. If you discover termites in Pittsburgh, you will be able to call on Witt Pest Control. Witt has been the trusted professional in Pittsburgh for over 100 years. Using the Sentricon® System, Witt can eliminate any current colonies. The Sentricon® System will also provide continuous protection against new termites! Give Witt a call today and see why our termite control services are the best choice around when it comes to these destructive pests!



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