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When the weather begins to get colder, it seems like all the spiders come running indoors. They show up in the corners of your ceiling, scurrying across the living room floor and, shockingly, behind the shower curtain. Why does it seem like they multiply in winter? Perhaps because they do. Unlike many pests who have their mating and breeding season in the spring, spiders mate in the fall. You can take preventative measures to keep spiders out by knowing their hiding spots and blocking their common points of entry. You should also consider year-round professional pest control to help keep spiders at bay.

How Cold Weather Can Push Spiders Indoors

Most spiders aren’t really interested in people, so they aren’t coming into your home to pay you a visit. When spiders come in, it’s likely that they are looking for food. Spiders are cold blooded so they don’t necessarily need to come into your Pittsburgh area home for heat in the winter. More than likely, their outdoor food sources have died off--or moved inside.

Likely Hiding Spots of Spiders

Spiders are excellent at tucking themselves away and hiding out. Some of the most common places they hide are in undisturbed areas of your home like attics and basements. But you’ll also find them in boxes, in dark corners, and sometimes even inside your shoes. Watch out as you take out the holiday decorations this season as they have likely been stored away and untouched for a year. This makes an excellent hiding spot for spiders.

Points of Entry for Spiders

Obviously, the most common points of entry into your home for spiders would be cracks, openings under or around doors and windows, vents, and spaces around pipes or utility wires. However, spiders can also be transported into your home by you. When you carry in packages, bring outdoor plants in for winter, or bring clothes in that were hanging out to dry, you run the risk of bringing spiders in too.

Professional Pest Control for Spiders

In the Pittsburgh area, Witt Pest Management is the number-one pest control company, with over 100 years of experience! A year-round pest control plan is your best step in eliminating spiders. Because spiders have somehow gotten into your home and because spiders feed on other pests, you likely have a greater pest problem than just spiders. Call us at Witt so we can help you keep your home spider-free this winter, and beyond.

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